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Established in 2016, 'Bunaai' was founded by Pari Choudhary with a vision to transform the world of Ethnic and Fusion Fashion. The brand is a fashion haven where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary allure. Bunaai is a testament to the core of timeless ethnic and fusion wear, curated to perfection for the empowered "Women of Bunaai." Rooted deep into the culturally rich soil of our country, the brand aims to enhance the natural beauty of our women through the path of fashion. You're already beautiful, our mission is to make you feel that way.

Based in the heart of Pink City, taking inspiration from the ever growing textile and fashion world, the brand's vision embodies timeless elegance. Over the years Bunaai has received numerous accolades from its valued customers to date. At Bunaai, we believe fashion is the canvas for individuality, synonymous with versatile yet powerful casual wear for women. Preeminent for experimenting with silhouettes, vibrant prints, and impeccable craftsmanship, seamlessly intertwining cultural heritage and modernity. The ever-evolving and expanding product line has accumulated a loyal customer base for the brand.

Festive Favourites

Specially curated to elevate your festivities, where elegance and celebration converge in a rhythmic dance of colours and craftsmanship. Every ensemble is meticulously designed to echo the essence of joy and traditions. The festive picks range from resplendent SAREES adorned with intricate embellishments to opulent LEHENGA SETS that exude sophistication, and from timeless SUIT SETS to Chic KURTA SETS. Our selection embodies the rich tapestry of Indian Culture.

Everyday Edit

The timeless elegance of gorgeous ensembles should be carried to your day to day life. Elevate your everyday with enchanting CO-ORD SETS, twirly DRESSES, magnificent KURTA SETS, and more. Effortlessly take your looks from boardroom to brunches, and from couch to clubs. Crafted from the most luxurious fabrics, these outfits are tailored to perfection to lend ultimate comfort and style.

Hand Painted Wonders

The mesmerising artistry of hand-painted elegance exudes unattainable sophistication. Each stroke on the hand painted ensembles is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and an ode to our muse Women Of Bunaai. These creations are especially curated to elevate your style with enchanting ensembles. The hand painted wonders range from DRESSES, CO-ORD SETS, KURTA SETS, SAREES, LEHENGA SETS, and more. These pieces ensure you stand out among the crowd with sheer elegance and sophistication.

Beautiful Block Prints

The allure of traditional craftsmanship has been the core essence of ethnic wear for decades long past. From magnificent  SUIT SETS to radiant KURTA SETS and CO-ORD SETS, every ensemble features impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. The conventional craft of block printing is seamlessly blended with contemporary cuts and intricate embroideries to enhance the appeal of the attire.

Wedding Trousseau

The whimsical Indian weddings deserve an equally exquisite ensemble. Some traditions deserve your finest traditionals and embracing the essence while redefining contemporary finesses, our wedding wear range embodies grace and elegance. From ornate SAREES to regal LEHENGAS and alluring SUIT SETS, each ensemble is a symphony of lavish luxury. A timeless statement of love intricately woven into each stitch and thread.

Fabulous Florals

Our floral ensembles are the celebration of femininity and grace, capturing the beauty of blossoms in every design. Whether it is the blooming prints or woven embroideries, each outfit lends a unique style statement. From flirty floral DRESSES, JUMPSUITS, CO-ORDS, KURTA SETS, SUIT SETS, SAREES, LEHENGAS, NIGHTWEAR, and more. Immerse yourself in the garden of fashion, where floral motifs weave the tales of timeless beauty and endless charm.

Little Embroideries

The exquisite range of embroidered ensembles add subtlety and grace to your closet. Our meticulously crafted ensembles celebrate the art of delicate detailing, where handcrafted embroideries add a touch of magnetic charm. From intricately embroidered KURTA and SUIT SETS, to CO-ORD SETS, DRESSES and a range of traditional JUTTIS that are handcrafted to leave a sparkle of magnificence with every step. We believe in the power of subtlety, where little embroideries steal the spotlight and make you shine.


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