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Celebrity-Inspired Trendy Diwali Outfit Ideas

Celebrity-Inspired Trendy Diwali Outfit Ideas


Lights twinkle, laughter fills the air, and the tantalising aroma of Indian sweets wafts through the streets – it can only mean one thing: Diwali, the festival of lights, is just around the corner. But this year, there's a twist to the tale! We're about to take you on a dazzling journey, guided by the shimmering stars of the silver screen, as we unlock the secrets to achieving the most glamorous and unforgettable Diwali looks.

From the elegant Priyanka Chopra to the suave Alia Bhatt, we've curated a collection inspired by their iconic Diwali looks that will make heads turn faster than you can blink. We promise to sprinkle in a little stardust and a whole lot of inspiration, so you can make this Diwali a blockbuster event, whether you're celebrating with family or aiming to impress at that glamorous Diwali party. This Diwali, we invite you to embark on a sartorial journey that's nothing short of cinematic. It's a celebration like no other – one where your fashion choices transform you into a radiant star in your own life's story.

To guide you on this dazzling path, we have brought together the crème de la crème of Bollywood fashion, presenting you with outfits inspired by the likes of Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, Mouni Roy, Malaika Arora, Daisy Shah, Karishma Kapoor, and Sanya Malhotra. With a dash of glitter, a sprinkle of charisma, and a pinch of star power, we're here to ensure that your Diwali shines as bright as the stars themselves. Get ready to unlock the secrets of the celebrity world, right in your own home, and embrace the magic of Diwali like never before.

Why Go For Celeb-Inspired Picks?

Celebrities often set fashion trends and dictate what's "in" and stylish. Their outfits are carefully curated by professional stylists, making them excellent sources for the latest trends and fashion-forward looks. Many celebrities are considered style icons. Their unique fashion sense and ability to carry off different looks inspire us to experiment with our own style and step out of our comfort zones. Celebrity Diwali outfits can serve as a canvas for you to elevate your personal style. By incorporating elements of these looks into your own attire, you can stand out during the festivities and express your fashion sense.

Alia Bhatt

As the festival of Diwali draws near, our attention turns to the Bollywood sensation, Alia Bhatt, who has once again set the fashion world ablaze with her stunning Diwali ensemble. Alia's choice for Diwali is nothing short of spectacular – a striking red Sharara set adorned with strappy sleeves, creating a captivating look that radiates timeless elegance and contemporary charm. The deep, passionate red hue of her Sharara set is an embodiment of the festival's vibrancy, symbolising the warmth of the lights and the joy of togetherness. The strappy sleeves add a modern and fashionable twist to the traditional attire, showcasing Alia's innate ability to strike a perfect balance between the old and the new.

Our Apple Red Sequin Salwar Suit pays homage to Alia's captivating ensemble. The rich apple-red hue embodies the essence of Diwali, symbolising the warmth of lights, the intensity of celebrations, and the joy of reunions. Much like Alia's choice, our salwar suit features strappy sleeves that add a modern twist to the traditional attire, striking a harmonious balance between the classic and the contemporary. Our sequin salwar suit seamlessly captures Alia's grace and style, ensuring that you shine just as bright this Diwali.

Priyanka Chopra

With the arrival of Diwali, all eyes turn to the globally acclaimed Priyanka Chopra, who is captivating hearts and setting new fashion standards with her resplendent white floral lehenga ensemble. In her Diwali look, Priyanka exudes an air of purity and grace, opting for an all-white lehenga adorned with delicate floral motifs. The pristine white hue embodies the essence of Diwali, symbolising light, purity, and new beginnings. What makes this look truly mesmerising is Priyanka's mastery of combining traditional and modern elements. The white lehenga, featuring a contemporary silhouette, effortlessly marries the timeless charm of traditional Indian attire with a modern twist.

Our Light Yellow Floral Lehenga Choli beautifully captures the spirit of Priyanka's iconic ensemble. While the colour may vary, the bright and cheerful light yellow hue embodies the essence of her outfit. The lehenga and choli are adorned with intricate floral motifs, meticulously printed to add a touch of femininity and sophistication to your attire. It effortlessly blends cultural heritage with a touch of modern sophistication, enabling you to embrace Diwali with style, grace, and an unwavering sense of self, just like Priyanka Chopra.

Mouni Roy

Mouni has always been a trendsetter. However, she has outdone herself, capturing hearts and setting the fashion world abuzz with her maroon floral draped saree ensemble – a Diwali look that undoubtedly stands out as one of her best ever. The rich maroon hue, adorned with delicate floral patterns and hints of gold, effortlessly blends tradition with contemporary allure. Mouni's graceful draping of the saree showcases her slender figure and complements her poise. Mouni Roy's maroon floral draped saree look is nothing short of enchanting, setting a new standard for Diwali glamour.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless charm of Mouni Roy's Diwali look, we proudly present our Maroon Floral Fusion Saree, a masterpiece that encapsulates the same festive vibe and is the perfect choice for celebrating Diwali in style. This exquisite saree combines the regal allure of maroon with delicate floral patterns, reminiscent of Mouni's enchanting ensemble. Pair your Maroon Floral Fusion Saree with loose, cascading waves that fall gracefully on your shoulders, enhancing your natural beauty. The rich, maroon colour infuses your attire with a sense of opulence, mirroring the grandeur of the festival of lights. Just like Mouni, you'll find that this ensemble captures the essence of Diwali with subtlety and sophistication.

Daisy Shah

Daisy Shah's Diwali look is a stunning testament to her unique blend of contemporary elegance and traditional charm. Draped in a bewitching black saree, adorned with intricate silver embellishments, she strikes a perfect balance between opulence and grace, befitting the grandeur of the festival. The saree beautifully captures the essence of Diwali, where light and life intertwine. In her black and silver draped saree, Daisy Shah has undoubtedly set a new standard for Diwali fashion. Her ensemble encapsulates the true spirit of the festival, a harmonious blend of cultural tradition, modern sophistication, and a touch of allure.

Inspired by the magnetic charm of Daisy Shah's Diwali ensemble, our Black Draped Saree is a creation that mirrors the festive spirit of Daisy's iconic look and is tailor-made for celebrating Diwali in style. The deep black shade, adorned with intricate silver embellishments, radiates sophistication, symbolising the grandeur of the festival of lights. The saree gracefully wraps around you, akin to Daisy's style, enhancing your figure and allowing for effortless movement. This Diwali, immerse yourself in the luminous spirit of the festival with our Black Draped Saree, inspired by Daisy Shah's unforgettable look.

Karishma Kapoor

As the festival of Diwali approaches, our gaze turns to the ever-graceful Karishma Kapoor, who is effortlessly making a statement in her Diwali ensemble. She is donning a classic red saree that exudes timeless charm and a touch of modern glamour. The deep, radiant hue of the saree captures the essence of Diwali's festive spirit, symbolising the vibrancy and warmth of the festival of lights. What sets this look apart is the understated grace with which Karishma carries it. The red saree, devoid of elaborate embellishments, allows the rich colour to shine, emphasising the beauty of simplicity. The saree's minimalist approach harmoniously fuses with the glamorous aura of the festival.

Our Stitched Elegance Draped Saree pays homage to Karishma's iconic ensemble. The saree features a classic red hue, capturing the essence of Diwali's festive spirit. Just like Karishma's saree, it embraces minimalism, highlighting the beauty of simplicity and elegance. Our Stitched Elegance Draped Saree embodies the same essence as Karishma's saree, celebrating the beauty of simplicity and understated elegance. It seamlessly combines the grace of tradition with a touch of modern sophistication, ensuring that you shine with minimalist glamour during the festival of lights.

Sanya Malhotra

We can’t help but go gaga over Sanya Malhotra’s exquisite Diwali look. She graces the occasion in a black lehenga set adorned with shimmering accents, creating a look that's as radiant as the festival of lights itself. The deep black hue exudes sophistication, while the shimmering details add an extra layer of glamour, making her a true vision of Diwali elegance. Her black lehenga set showcases a contemporary silhouette, creating a seamless fusion of charm and glamour. Sanya Malhotra, with her radiant charm and timeless elegance, has demonstrated how to truly shine during the festival of lights.

Our Starry Night Chikankari Lehenga is a nod to Sanya's iconic ensemble. The black hue epitomises the depth and grandeur of Diwali, symbolising the festival's vibrancy and the magic of the night sky. The Chikankari work, delicately embroidered on the lehenga, adds an extra layer of finesse and elegance to your attire. This ensemble, much like Sanya's, masterfully combines traditional artistry with a contemporary silhouette, resulting in a harmonious blend of classic elegance and modern sensibilities.

Malaika Arora

Malaika's Diwali look is nothing short of breathtaking. Her saree, in a vibrant shade of bright pink, symbolises the festivity and energy of the occasion. The addition of an olive green border and contrasting olive blouse infuses a touch of earthy charm, expertly blending the vibrancy of pink with the serenity of green. What sets this look apart is Malaika's ability to combine vibrant colours with classic elegance. The minimalist design accentuates the beauty of the ensemble, symbolising the essence of Diwali, where tradition and modernity merge harmoniously.

Get Red Carpet Ready With Bunaai

The world of Bollywood never fails to inspire and redefine fashion, and this Diwali, we've taken a delightful journey through some of the most stunning celebrity-inspired Diwali looks. From Alia Bhatt's minimal yet glamorous red sharara set to Priyanka Chopra's ethereal white floral lehenga, and Sanya Malhotra's shimmering black lehenga to Malaika Arora's vibrant pink saree with olive green accents, each look encapsulates the spirit of Diwali in its unique way, celebrating tradition, vibrancy, and the essence of the festival.

So, are you ready to shop these celeb-worthy looks and add your own twist of glamour to Diwali this year? Visit Bunaai today and make your fashion dreams come true. And don't forget to read our last blog, where we've uncovered even more Diwali looks and inspirations to make this festival truly unforgettable.

In the end, it's not just about the attire you choose, but the spirit in which you celebrate the festival of lights. May this Diwali be a celebration of light, love, and the beauty of traditions, all while embracing the allure of contemporary fashion. As you don these stunning looks and gather with loved ones, may your Diwali be as radiant and memorable as the Bollywood stars who have inspired our journey.

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