Dressing Guide for Hour Glass-shaped Body

Dressing up is exciting as well as complicated but in reality, it is the most straightforward task! Once you know your measurements and body type, it’s a game changer!
If you’re not sure about your body type, then it’s time to grab a measuring tape and find out the features that describe you the best!

What is Hourglass Body Shape?
If your hip and bust measurements are nearly the same, with a narrow waistline then your body can be defined as an hourglass.

Styles that will make you a show-stopper!


Whether styling a dress or a suit set, V-neckline always looks classy. This neckline will naturally point eyes towards your waistline.

Fit and Flowy

For an hourglass body, you should focus on embracing your waistline. Fit and flowy Kurtis will help you balance the overall look.

Angrakha Kurta Sets

Angrakha pattern looks similar to the wrap-around format. This style will help you create subtle silhouettes and will accentuate your waistline.

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