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Durga Pooja Lookbook: Trendy Outfits to Celebrate in Style

Durga Pooja Lookbook: Trendy Outfits to Celebrate in Style


Step into a world where tradition meets glamour, where spirituality intertwines with style, and where festivity and fashion join hands to create an unforgettable spectacle. Durga Pooja, a time when the streets of India come alive with the rhythmic beats of dhak, the scent of incense wafts through the air, and an undeniable sense of excitement courses through the hearts of millions. It's a time when people come together to honour the divine mother, Goddess Durga, and revel in the magic of her presence.

But, amidst the spiritual fervour and devotion, there's something equally enchanting that takes centre stage – the art of dressing up! As the days of Pooja approach, shopping sprees become a communal affair, where you seek out the perfect saree or kurta, each thread chosen with care and love. And this blog is all about that.

What is Durga Pooja and how is it celebrated?

Durga Pooja, celebrated with great zeal and grandeur, is a time when traditional rituals blend seamlessly with modern festivities. One of the most celebrated legends associated with Durga Pooja is the tale of how Maa Durga vanquished the demon Mahishasur. Unable to endure his tyranny any longer, the gods united their divine energies and created Goddess Durga, endowing her with exceptional powers and weapons. The victory of Maa Durga over Mahishasur symbolises the triumph of good over evil, righteousness over tyranny, and the eternal power of the divine feminine.

The festival spans over several days, marked by the Bodhan Pooja, Ashthami Pooja, and the grand culmination, Bijaya. As the sun sets, the streets are illuminated with a thousand lights, creating a mystical aura that beckons you to embark on a journey of cultural exploration. The city comes alive with an air of festivity, as families gather for grand feasts and 'adda' (chit-chat) sessions. Dressed in their finest, people embrace the joyous spirit of the festival, revelling in the company of loved ones.

And speaking of dressing up, it's an integral part of the Pooja celebrations. The tradition of buying new clothes and gifting them to loved ones is not just a routine; it's an emotion. So, as Durga Pooja approaches, let your inner fashionista take centre stage. Prepare to dazzle in exquisite traditional attires that speak of your reverence for the Goddess and your love for celebrating life. So, let’s get started!



Sasthi Bodhan Pooja, marking the beginning of Durga Pooja, is a joyous occasion where the idol of Goddess Durga is unveiled and brought to life. According to the lore, this is the day Maa Durga arrives on earth with her children. It's a moment of reverence and anticipation, as devotees gather to witness the awakening of the Goddess, offering their prayers and devotion. The event represents the onset of festivities, rekindling the spiritual connection with the Goddess and igniting the celebratory spirit that lasts throughout the Pooja.

Our Jui Floral Draped Saree in vibrant yellow georgette fabric, adorned with a delightful floral print, is perfect for Bodhan Pooja on Durga Sasthi. This saree is a visual symphony of elegance and grace, designed to embrace the spirit of the occasion while keeping you stylish and comfortable throughout the day. The sun-kissed yellow colour of the saree exudes positivity and radiance, aligning perfectly with the vibrant ambience of Durga Sasthi. You can accessorise with traditional gold jewellery, like a statement necklace or Jhumka earrings and opt for loose curls adorned with fresh flowers for an authentic touch.


Durga Pooja is not just a religious festival but a time for families to come together. It serves as an annual reunion, bringing relatives from near and far under one roof. The significance of this gathering is immense, as it reinforces the bonds of kinship, strengthens the sense of belonging, and fosters the tradition of togetherness. Whether it's preparing delicious feasts or sharing stories and laughter, these moments create cherished memories.

Elevate your style quotient at the family get-together during Durga Pooja with our stunning Fluorescent Green Suit Set. Crafted from lightweight georgette fabric, this ensemble is not just minimalist but also remarkably vibrant. The sleeveless design of the suit set is perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable during the family get-together, allowing you to move freely as you engage in conversations and celebrations. With this, you'll be the epitome of understated elegance and vibrancy at the family get-together. You can style your hair in loose waves to keep the focus on the outfit and accessories with a pair of statement earrings that can add a touch of sophistication.


Pandal hopping is a quintessential part of Durga Pooja celebrations. The significance lies in the cultural exploration it offers. Each pandal is a work of art, often with intricate themes and designs, providing a glimpse into the local culture and creativity. Pandal hopping encourages the community to come together, and appreciate artistry, and offers a unique opportunity to bond with friends and family while witnessing diverse expressions of craftsmanship.

Elevate your style and embrace the vibrant spirit of pandal hopping during Durga Pooja with our Hot Pink Gold Handblock Suit Set. The bold hot pink colour signifies enthusiasm and celebration, making it an ideal choice for immersing yourself in the colourful world of pandals. The cotton silk fabric is a comfortable choice for a day of exploration and festivities. The suit set exudes a sense of timeless charm, making it an excellent pick for pandal hopping. Opt for Jhumka earrings that have a hint of pink or gold to complement the suit set and add a small Bindi to enhance the traditional appeal.


Ashtami Pooja, celebrated on the eighth day of Durga Pooja, holds immense significance as it is believed to be the day when the Goddess's divine power is at its peak. Devotees gather to perform rituals, offer prayers, and seek blessings from the Goddess for strength, courage, and protection. The significance of Ashtami lies in the intense spiritual connection it fosters, allowing devotees to feel closer to the divine.

Prepare to exude grace and elegance as you celebrate Durga Ashtami in our Tango Draped Saree with Blouse, a captivating ensemble crafted in rich red chiffon fabric. This saree is a celebration of femininity, with hand-painted flowers adorning the fabric, reminiscent of a garden in full bloom. The soft and flowing chiffon fabric ensures a comfortable drape, allowing you to move with ease as you engage in the festivities. It combines traditional aesthetics with contemporary style, ensuring you not only pay homage to the Goddess but also feel stunning and confident. Choose bold and ornate jewellery pieces that complement the saree's vibrant red and create a classic bun adorned with white flowers to complete the look.


As the sun sets during Durga Pooja, the celebration takes on a new dimension. The significance of the night-outs is the transformation of the city into a magical realm. The streets come alive with vibrant lights, cultural performances, and enthusiastic gatherings. People dress in their finest, revelling in the jubilant spirit of the festival. These nights signify the fusion of tradition and modernity, creating a unique atmosphere where people celebrate life, culture, and their love for the Goddess.

Step into the enchanting world of Durga Pooja with our Violet Purple Muslin Suit Set, a delightful ensemble that's perfect for a memorable night out during the festivities. The muslin fabric ensures that you'll stay comfortable as you immerse yourself in the exuberant atmosphere of Durga Pooja's night festivities. The deep and alluring violet-purple colour symbolises mystique and elegance, which perfectly aligns with the enchanting ambience of the celebration. Add a sleek and stylish clutch or evening bag in a matching hue and wear matching comfortable Juttis to keep moving all night. Compliment your look with a smoky eye or bold lipstick to make a statement.


Bijaya, the concluding day of Durga Pooja, symbolises the victory of good over evil, a theme at the heart of the festival. On this day, the idol of Goddess Durga is immersed in holy waters, bidding her farewell as she returns to her celestial abode. The significance of Bijaya lies in the closure it offers to the nine-day celebration, signifying the triumph of virtue and the blessings sought for a prosperous future. It's a poignant yet joyous moment, reminding us that every ending is a new beginning.

Prepare to make a statement at the grand culmination of Durga Pooja, the Bijaya, with our Rosso Lurex Draped Saree. Crafted in a mesmerising red lurex fabric, this saree is a symbol of opulence and celebration. Red, the colour of passion and festivity, is the ideal choice for the grand finale of Durga Pooja, signifying the triumph of good over evil. This Saree is not only designed for elegance but also for comfort, ensuring you can dance the night away in style. Opt for an updo or cascading curls and add some bangles or a bracelet to complete the look.


Gifting new clothes during Durga Pooja is a tradition rooted in love and generosity. It's a gesture that signifies the celebration of life, the bonds of friendship and family, and the spirit of giving. The significance of this tradition lies in the joy it brings to both the giver and the receiver. The act of gifting clothes reflects the values of sharing and togetherness, making the festival not just about personal adornment but also about spreading happiness.

Our Heeriye Suit and Embroidered Dupatta is a perfect gift that radiates sunshine and elegance, perfect for celebrating Durga Pooja with family and friends. The colour yellow represents positivity and joy, making it an ideal choice for gifting during Durga Pooja. Whether you're presenting it to family members or close friends, this gift signifies the warmth and happiness that comes with the festival. The hand-embroidered linen dupatta enhances the aesthetic appeal, showcasing intricate patterns that add a touch of cultural richness. it allows your loved ones to embrace the festive spirit in style, with the comfort of cotton and the elegance of linen.

Make Bunaai Your Shopping Partner this Durga Pooja

As we draw the curtains on this blog celebrating the vibrancy of Durga Pooja, it's clear that this festival is more than just a religious observance; it's a tapestry of tradition, culture, and celebration that brings communities together in joyous harmony. From the spiritually significant Bodhan Pooja to the grandeur of Bijaya, every moment during these auspicious days is an opportunity to pay homage to the divine and create lasting memories with loved ones and your attire plays a pivotal role in celebrating the occasion with elegance and style. The choice of your outfit can amplify your connection with the festivities and reflect your reverence for the Goddess.

At Bunaai, we understand the importance of tradition, while also embracing contemporary styles and trends. With our exquisite collection of Sarees, Suit Sets and more, you can seamlessly blend culture and fashion, ensuring that you not only feel comfortable but also look stunning during this festive season. Our outfits are designed to make your Durga Pooja celebrations more memorable and stylish than ever. And if you thought we missed Dandiya nights, one of the most awaited events of the festive season, don’t worry we have an entire blog dedicated to that. So hurry and explore our previous blog!

Durga Pooja is a time when we honour the divine, make cherished memories with family and friends, and bask in the glory of cultural heritage. So, let's make the most of this enchanting festival with Bunaai as your shopping partner, ensuring you embrace the festivities with grace, style, and a whole lot of joy.

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