Fashion tips for the rains

Rains bring a big sigh of relief and joy on all our faces. The beautiful overcast weather, smell of petrichor, fried homemade snacks. Monsoon showers are truly mood lifters.

But rains don’t come without their own problems, like clothing! What are we even supposed to wear during the monsoons? Is there a style guide for this season?

Rest assured, we have got you covered. Check out our fashion tips for shopping this rainy season.

Ditch the denim

Denims are an all time favourite but fashion gurus give it a big no-no for the rains. Denims are very thick material and once they get wet and tight, they are suffocating for the skin.

Choose breathable light fabrics like cotton or linen. They are easy on the skin, dry quickly and are very comfortable.

Experiment with colors

The biggest fashion tip is avoid the whites. This may seem like an obvious one but some people tend to give it a miss. Whites when wet tend to become translucent.

Instead, during the rains choose darker, more vibrant colours. Dark colours tend to accentuate your personality and figures more. Choose the blues, blacks, green or maybe fuschia?

Give your ankles some air

Rains mean endlessly splashing in the puddles. One fashion tip which remains standard during this season is choosing shorter outfits. Show off your gorgeous calves with short dresses, playsuits and shorts.

Get into your street style outfits and enjoy those endless walks and singing in the rain!

Take out those coordinated sets

Fashion police doesn’t restrict trends in the rain. Experiment with those fun short coordinated outfits. Look chic, be comfortable while making the best of the season.

Co-ord sets can up your style game like nothing else.


One big fashion tip to not overlook this rainy season is to accessorize. Not with your traditional accessories but with transparent raincoats, funky umbrellas, pretty ponchos or those quirky gumboots.

Save yourself from the harsh showers, while making the most of the rains while being at your stylish best!

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