This Diwali - Your Favorite Activity, Our Beautiful Outfits

If there’s one festival that gets all the Indians in a celebratory mood, it is Diwali! And since it’s just a few days away, we can already feel the celebration in the air. Everything will be bright and beautiful soon, and we can’t contain our excitement.

While we all love to keep our fashion quotient high every Diwali, it is also that festival where there’s just too much to do. But, let’s admit it, girls, all of us have got that one unique favorite activity that we just can’t get enough of.

So gear up ladies, Bunaai has curated a list of your favorite activities and what to wear for them. Because we want you to have as much fun as possible but without dropping your fashion goals!

So, come along and get Diwali ready with Bunaai!

The Poser

Hello, you selfie queen! Our Summerglow Cotton Suit Set is perfectly flaunt-worthy for your oh so gorgeous pictures! From pretty selfies to beautifully posed solo pictures, this outfit will add that extra charm, surely!

The Kitchen Queen

From sweets to savories, we know you want to feed it all to your guests. But who said you can’t dress up for that? While you stuff your and others’ mouth with tempting dishes, don our beautiful Blue Chikankari Suit Set. Comfy and vibrant - all you need.

The Gift Planner

Whether to give or receive, gifts are your favorite part and we totally understand why. So from planning to sharing, no matter what you do, one thing you need is loads of happy vibes. So how about adorning our Acacia Pink Cotton Suit Set and be the walking happy vibes?

The Decoration Manager

From that perfect rangoli to the perfect lighting, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. So to reduce all your stress, we have got you our Alloy Grey Kurta Set. Hassle-free and gorgeous, this will surely give you all the right ideas to get the best decor done.

The Diya Fan

Hey girl, we know you love the light and shine of the diya; the epitome of positivity. While you surrender to the beauty of it why not adorn yourself with something soothing yet sparkling too? Our Blush Hot Pink Suit Set will just do it right for you.

So, ladies, this Diwali be safe, be fun, be stylish!

Happy Diwali #WomenOfBunaai

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