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Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Traditional Winter Fashion

Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Traditional Winter Fashion


Welcome, fashion enthusiasts, to a sartorial journey where winter chills meet the warmth of impeccable style! In the frosty embrace of the season, we find ourselves caught in a delightful conundrum—how to elevate our winter fashion game without compromising on the elegance of traditional Indian or indo-western outfits. Fear not, dear readers, for our fashion compass is set to guide you through the icy maze with tips, tricks, and a generous sprinkle of style magic.

As the mercury dips and we bid adieu to the warmth of summer, our closets undergo a transformative chill-proof makeover. While the allure of cosy sweaters and knee-high boots is undeniable, the challenge arises when it comes to infusing that winter magic into traditional Indian ensembles. Sarees, Suit Sets, Kurta Sets, Lehenga Sets, and Kaftan Sets, all beckon to be adorned, but how does one navigate the fine line between staying snug and remaining effortlessly chic?

Picture this: A wintry landscape adorned with a pop of vibrant colours, intricate embroidery, and the rhythmic rustle of silks and velvets. Our mission? To decode the secrets of winterizing your wardrobe, one stylish layer at a time. So, gather 'round as we embark on a quest to transform your winter wardrobe from drab to fab. As we navigate the intersection of tradition and contemporary flair, our blog promises to be your go-to destination for all things winter fashion. So, buckle up for a season of fun and exciting style revelations that will leave you fashionably armed to conquer the winter wonderland in your own sartorial kingdom. Stay tuned as we decode the language of layers and rewrite the rules of winter fashion with a dash of Indian elegance!


Let's start with the regal charm of the saree—a quintessential Indian attire that refuses to be relegated to the back of the closet, even in the chilliest weather. Unleash the power of layering with statement blouses, cosy shawls, or even a sleek leather jacket to give your saree ensemble an edgy twist. We'll delve into the art of mixing textures, playing with colours, and mastering the delicate balance between tradition and trend.

Blue Leheriya Draped Saree

In the tapestry of winter fashion, the Blue Leheriya Draped Saree emerges as a vision of timeless grace, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern flair. To elevate the winter-friendly attributes of this saree, consider the addition of leggings underneath that match the blue shade of this Saree. Beyond being a stylish choice, leggings offer an extra layer of insulation, ensuring you stay cosy without compromising on the saree's aesthetic appeal. Elevate the winter vibe by pairing your saree with a high-neck blouse. Velvet or woollen fabrics not only add a touch of sophistication but also provide an extra layer of warmth. Enhance the winter appeal of your saree by incorporating an embroidered or embellished jacket. The jacket can be worn over the saree or draped across your shoulders for a chic look.

Raspberry Draped Saree With Blouse

Step into the winter wonderland with a burst of colour as the Raspberry Draped Saree takes centre stage, adorned in the vivacious hues of bright pink and blooming florals on delicate organza. Enhance the winter appeal of your Saree by draping a luxurious shawl or wrap over your shoulders. Opt for a fabric like pashmina or wool to add warmth without compromising on style. The contrast in textures creates a visually stunning effect. Break away from traditional footwear and opt for ankle-length boots to infuse a modern edge into your winter saree styling. The juxtaposition of the classic drape with contemporary boots creates a dynamic and fashion-forward look.

Suit Sets

As winter's chill descends, let your suit sets take centre stage in a theatrical display of drama and glamour. This blog is your backstage pass to the world of winter suit set styling, where we decode the art of choosing the right fabrics, playing with silhouettes, and accessorising with finesse. From daytime chic to evening glam, your suit sets are poised to become the protagonists of your winter wardrobe story.

Purple Mirror Work Suit Set

Indulge in the regal allure of winter with the Purple Mirror Work Suit Set, a sartorial symphony of bright purple hues, exquisite mirror work, and the luxurious touch of cotton silk. The Suit Set features 3/4th sleeves, striking the perfect balance between traditional grace and modern comfort. This thoughtful design choice ensures you stay warm without compromising on style. But you can elevate the winter appeal by ditching the accompanying dupatta and instead, layering the Suit Set with a coordinated shawl or wrap, preferably bright pink, i.e., a similar shade as the dupatta. Choose a fabric like wool or cashmere for a cosy yet opulent touch, adding depth to your overall ensemble.

Maroon Floral Print Georgette Salwar Suit

Dive into the winter charm with the Maroon Floral Print Georgette Salwar Suit, a testament to the timeless fusion of floral elegance and the cosy embrace of georgette fabric. This ensemble, adorned with a rich maroon hue and delicate floral patterns, becomes the epitome of winter blossoms, promising both style and warmth in every stitch. The inclusion of full sleeves in the suit set ensures that you stay comfortably warm during the colder months. Elevate your winter style by layering the georgette salwar suit with a luxurious velvet jacket. The combination of textures adds depth, and the jacket provides an extra layer of warmth. Complete the look with a velvet headband adorned with subtle embellishments for a cohesive look.

Kurta Sets

In the frost-kissed embrace of winter, the classic kurta set emerges as a versatile canvas awaiting your creative strokes. This season, dive into the world of winterizing your kurta sets by exploring the rich tapestry of textures and fabrics. From cosy knit sweaters to statement shawls, we'll unravel the secrets of transforming your kurta sets into cosy-chic masterpieces. Discover the joy of layering, experiment with bold hues, and let your winter wardrobe speak the language of elegance.

Butta Indigo Dye Kurta Set

Step into the winter wonderland with the Butta Indigo Dye Kurta Set, an embodiment of timeless elegance and comfort. The indigo dye, paired with delicate butta work, creates a canvas that seamlessly marries tradition with contemporary style. Embrace the winter chill by layering the kurta set with a longline cardigan. Opt for a cardigan in a neutral tone or a contrasting colour to add warmth and dimension to your ensemble. Upgrade your winter look by introducing a velvet dupatta. The lush fabric adds a touch of luxe appeal, creating a harmonious contrast with the indigo dye and butta work on the kurta.

Yellow Mirror Work Kurta Pants

Illuminate the winter landscape with the radiance of sunshine embodied in the Yellow Mirror Work Kurta Pants set. This ensemble, adorned with intricate mirror work on a vibrant yellow canvas, encapsulates the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style. Drape a luxurious cashmere shawl around your shoulders to add an element of cosy elegance. Choose a shawl with subtle embellishments or embroidery for a touch of opulence that complements the mirror work on the kurta. Elevate the neckline of the kurta with a chunky statement necklace. Opt for earthy tones or metallic accents to add a bold and stylish touch to the ensemble.

Lehenga Sets

When the frosty winds beckon, don't bid adieu to your beloved lehenga sets. Instead, let them take on a winter avatar that combines frosty glam with traditional charm. Layer up with cropped jackets, experiment with luxurious pashmina shawls, and revel in the joy of mixing and matching. We are here to help you navigate the winter wonderland in lehenga sets, offering tips on choosing the right accessories, balancing textures, and creating ensembles that seamlessly transition from festive soirées to cosy winter weddings.

Green Floral Lehenga Choli With Dupatta

As winter unfolds its frost-kissed beauty, the Green Floral Lehenga Choli With Dupatta emerges as a sartorial masterpiece, combining the richness of georgette fabric, intricate floral prints, and a traditional silhouette. The full sleeves of the choli provide an elegant and practical solution for winter coverage. Elevate your winter ensemble by layering it with a longline embroidered jacket. The jacket not only adds an extra layer of warmth but also introduces intricate details that complement the floral prints on the lehenga. Stay warm during outdoor winter events by pairing the lehenga with cosy leggings or fitted pants in a matching colour.

Maroon Floral Handpainted Organza Lehenga

Enchant the winter landscape with the Maroon Floral Handpainted Organza Lehenga Set, a canvas of rich maroon hues adorned with delicate handpainted flowers. This ensemble is not just clothing; it's a testament to winter romance. Layer the lehenga set with a velvet-cropped jacket to introduce texture and warmth. Opt for a jacket with subtle embellishments or embroidery that complements the handpainted details on the organza. Infuse a modern edge into your winter look by pairing the lehenga set with embellished ankle boots. The boots not only provide warmth but also add a stylish and contemporary vibe to the traditional ensemble.

Kaftan Sets

As winter unfolds its icy tendrils, the kaftan sets stand as a testament to effortless bohemian chic—a style that transcends seasons with grace. Embrace the free-spirited allure of kaftans while navigating the chilly weather without compromising on style. We'll unravel the secrets of accessorising kaftans for the winter season, from chunky knit scarves to ankle boots that strike the perfect balance between comfort and fashion-forward sensibility.

Powder Blue Pink Kaftan Set

Step into winter with the ethereal beauty of the Powder Blue Pink Kaftan Set, adorned with delicate floral prints that dance on a canvas of tranquil blue and soft pink hues. This ensemble is not just clothing, it's a manifestation of winter blossoms in the form of a kaftan. Embrace the winter chill by layering the kaftan with a faux fur vest. The texture of faux fur adds a touch of luxury while keeping you warm and cosy. Opt for a neutral or pastel-coloured vest to maintain the overall softness of the ensemble. Complete your look with a velvet clutch in a matching or contrasting shade.

Turquoise Silk Crepe Co-ord Set

Embark on a journey through the winter wonderland adorned in the Turquoise Silk Crepe Co-ord Set, a symphony of style on a canvas of serene turquoise silk. This ensemble, both luxurious and comfortable, serves as a testament to the seamless fusion of winter whimsy and timeless elegance. Layer the co-ord set with a longline cardigan in a complementary or contrasting shade. This adds an extra layer of cosiness while creating a dynamic visual effect that balances the sleekness of silk with the warmth of knitwear. Wrap a soft cashmere scarf around your neck for an extra layer of warmth and elegance.

As we draw the curtain on this journey through winter elegance and timeless style, we find ourselves immersed in a tapestry of colours, textures, and traditions. The ensembles showcased in this blog have been more than just clothing, they have been expressions of artistry, comfort, and the subtle poetry of winter. Winter is not merely a season; it's an opportunity to redefine elegance, to reimagine traditions, and to celebrate the beauty of change. As you step into the winter wonderland, let your style be a reflection of your unique spirit—bold, creative, and unapologetically you.

May these tips and ensembles inspire you to navigate the winter months with a sense of wonder, using fashion as a language to express your individuality. Remember, in the chilly air and frost-kissed landscapes, your style has the power to shine brightly, just like the winter sun peeking through the clouds. If you're ready to make these styles your own, explore the curated collection at Bunaai. Don't forget to read our previous blog for more tips and inspiration.

Until next time, stay stylish, stay warm!

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