3 C’s That Will Up Your Fashion & Style Game

Since fashion and style go hand-in-hand, start your new year with being fashionable and stylish at all times with Bunaai. Your sense of style expresses who you are, and fashion is the language you choose to express it in. There’s often a misconception that style is only for a handful of people who can make bold choices; that’s definitely not the case! In fact, every person has their own unique style, they just need to realize it. And today, we will let you in on the secret of upping your style game with the help of three C’s.


Unpopular opinion: Style isn’t about fashion trends.
It largely depends upon your comfort. Style basically means your personal way of doing things; be it decorating, writing, dressing up, whatever. In fashion, it translates to how you want to present yourself. Your hair, favourite colours, accessories, everything constitutes your style. Even if you think that you only like plain-coloured clothes (fashion terminology– solids), no prints or designs- THAT, my friend, is your style. You just have to start paying a little attention to your likes and dislikes in patterns, fabrics, colours, etc, and voila! You’ll have a basic understanding of your style.


No matter what you wear, where you wear it, and how you wear it, if you are confident of your ensemble, it will come across quite evidently. Wearing distressed denim in a small town might be a big deal, while a saree might look out of place in a discotheque. So, there really isn’t a fixed rule that you need to follow. Your confidence just turns this into your strength. Just be yourself and let the people around you adjust to your choices, not the other way round.


Last, but not least C, is about experiments. You can decide the range and pace at which you want to experiment with your style. Nobody is asking you to suddenly start wearing neons instead of your usual pastels. But if that’s what you really want to do, nobody’s stopping you either. You can start with as small a change as introducing accessories or go as bold as colouring your hair purple. Just remember to do what feels right to YOU. In short, the only way to successfully upgrade your style is to truly embrace yourself. Also, know that it takes practice and patience. But you’ll get there definitely, just keep at it.

So, get exploring! The world is your oyster.

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