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Be Virtual Ready With Bunaai

Be Virtual Ready With Bunaai


The pandemic hit us like we had never imagined, our everyday realities turned upside down completely and we were all confined to a virtual world.

The giant gatherings and crazy parties are like a distant dream now. Thanks to Mr. Pandemic, Virtual is the new reality. But can the pandemic take away our dressing-up therapy? Not one bit!

From online office meetings to virtual birthday parties - staring at our closet, wondering what to wear still continues. Just sit back and relax ladies, grab some coffee, and say hello to Bunaai, your one-stop clothing solution!

Let Bunaai dress you up, for all your virtual engagements.

Date Diaries

From waiting at a cafe to now staring at our laptop screens, date night scenes have surely changed. But our right to dress cute and dreamy still stays!

This co-ord set is super cute and the perfect look for your date! The yellow top will ace the waist up look, while the black pants with polka dots will keep you super comfy and hassle-free.

Wedding Shenanigans

We are terribly missing the sangeet practices and happy traditional fuss. But we can still doll up and be a part of the bride and groom’s story.

The eye-catching freesia yellow is the hue to choose! Who said you cannot be a scene-stealer at a virtual wedding? Get this look now and see it for yourself.

Birthday Party Fun

We all agree that birthday parties top the list when it comes to fun. Though we can’t have those crazy gatherings now but a virtual meet up is no less!

Travel back to your childhood with this dreamy pastel dress. Be an adorable cutie in this playful outfit and bring out your crazy and super fun side.

The WFH Code

The key to crack the WFH laziness code is dressing up in happy hues instead of staying in pajamas all day!

This lime cotton kurta set is perfect for your WFH story. The soothing colored outfit is an instant mood lifter.

Movie Night Saga

Who cares if the theatres are shut? It is so much fun to have a movie night with an intimate group of friends!

This mulberry muslin set is perfect for that cozy lazy feeling! Get some popcorn and lounge it out in our comfy-chic loungewear.

Brunch Ready

Need some plans for Sunday? Gather all your loved ones for an online meetup and have a happy ‘Brunch and Games’ time!

The super chic and feminine Moroccan cotton dress is a go-to Brunch outfit. Comfortable, airy, and flaunt worthy - it goes well with coffee and croissants too!

So get up ladies! The virtual ramp of fashion is waiting for you. Take the charge and walk the glam with Bunaai!

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