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Celebrate Navratri in Style - 9 Days, 9 Outfits, 9 Colours

Celebrate Navratri in Style - 9 Days, 9 Outfits, 9 Colours


Navratri, the name itself is like a melody of joy, a celebration that resonates through the hearts and souls of millions of people, not just in India but around the world. For nine days, the air is filled with the sound of music, the aroma of incense, and the infectious energy of dance. It's a time when devotion meets celebration, and spirituality blends seamlessly with style.

The essence of Navratri lies in honouring the Divine Feminine, the embodiment of Shakti, the goddess Durga. It's a time to seek blessings, revel in the triumph of good over evil, and connect with the deepest wellsprings of spirituality. But Navratri isn't just about prayer; it's also a vibrant spectacle of colour, dance, and, of course, fashion.

Colour is to Navratri what butter is to popcorn, essential and oh-so-delightful! Each day of this festival is associated with a different colour, and trust us, it's nothing short of a fashionista's dream come true. Dressing up in the colours of Navratri is all about feeling the radiant energy that this festival brings. Each colour holds a deep spiritual significance. So, when you choose your outfit for each day, it's not just about picking a colour, it's about embracing the essence that it embodies. So let us guide you through nine days of colour, style, and fabulous fashion. From outfit ideas to makeup tips, we've got it all covered.

The countdown to Navratri begins, and we're here to make sure you're dressed to impress the divine! Let’s get started.

A Colourful 9-Day Affair

Colour is the lifeblood of Navratri, infusing it with vivacity and verve. Each day of this festival is intricately associated with a different hue, forming a spectrum that's nothing short of a fashionista's dream. From the fiery orange of Pratipada to the tranquil white of Dwitiya, from the passionate red of Tritiya to the royal blue of Chaturthi, and onward to the sunny yellow of Panchami, every day is a canvas awaiting your artistic interpretation. So let’s find you the perfect outfits for these vivacious 9 days.


Pratipada (Day 1) - Orange Outfit

Orange outfits for Pratipada (Day 1) of Navratri embody the vibrant commencement of this sacred festival. Orange symbolises enthusiasm, energy, and the dawn of action. It's the hue of new beginnings, evoking the spirit of rejuvenation and optimism as devotees embark on their Navratri journey. Orange attire radiates the energy needed to commence this festive odyssey with vigour and devotion, setting the tone for a colourful and spiritually enriching Navratri.

Our exquisite Tangerine Handpainted Suit Set, a mesmerising embodiment of elegance and artistry, is perfect for the 1st day of Navratri. This radiant orange hue, reminiscent of the vibrant sunrise on the first day of Navratri, evokes energy. The enchanting Anarkali silhouette gracefully flows like a cascade of devotion, while the surplice neckline adds a touch of contemporary allure. Hand-painted details embellish the fabric, creating a unique masterpiece that resonates with the spirit of Navratri. It's not just attire, it's a symbol of vibrant beginnings, where tradition meets modernity, making it the perfect choice to adorn Pratipada and embark on your Navratri journey in style and grace.

Dwitiya (Day 2) - White Outfit

White outfits for Dwitiya (Day 2) of Navratri embody purity, serenity, and devotion. Dwitiya is a day dedicated to worshipping the goddess Brahmacharini, a symbol of divine austerity and devotion. White, the colour of untouched purity, reflects the goddess's unswerving commitment to her spiritual path. Adorning white attire on Dwitiya signifies a soul's aspiration for purity of heart and mind.

If you are looking for the perfect white outfit to slay this day, we have just the right match! Our White Gold Kurta and Pants is an ethereal ensemble that radiates elegance and celestial charm. Crafted with white fabric embellished by the soft, gleaming allure of white gold lurex shimmer, it epitomises purity and grace. The Kurta's pristine white canvas, adorned with delicate gold accents, mirrors the sanctity of Dwitiya in Navratri, symbolising unwavering devotion. Paired with impeccably tailored pants, this ensemble seamlessly fuses traditional aesthetics with contemporary sophistication.

Tritiya (Day 3) - Red Outfit

Red outfits for Tritiya (Day 3) of Navratri symbolise passion, strength, and the fierce energy of the goddess Chandraghanta. Tritiya is dedicated to worshipping her, and the choice of red reflects her valour and determination. Red, the colour of fiery devotion, embodies the goddess's readiness to battle evil and protect her devotees. Adorning red attire on Tritiya signifies an embrace of courage, a commitment to overcoming challenges, and a deep connection with the warrior aspect of the Divine.

Shades of Red Silk Doria Lehenga is a masterpiece that captures the essence of Tritiya in Navratri. This exquisite ensemble showcases various hues of red, symbolising passion and strength, akin to the fierce goddess Chandraghanta. Crafted with the finest silk Doria fabric, it exudes elegance and grace, mirroring passion. The lehenga's intricate embroidery and ornate design pay homage to the warrior spirit. Adorn this resplendent creation and immerse yourself in the fiery energy of the day, ready to conquer any challenge with style and devotion during the festive fervour of Navratri.

Chaturthi (Day 4) - Royal Blue Outfit

Royal blue outfits for Chaturthi (Day 4) of Navratri embody regal grace, depth, and the celestial energy of the goddess Kushmanda. Chaturthi is dedicated to her, and the choice of royal blue reflects her boundless cosmic power. Royal blue, a colour of tranquillity and infinity, signifies the vastness of the universe she created. Adorning this colour on Chaturthi represents a connection with the divine's limitless creativity and abundance.

Our enchanting Blue Floral Fusion Saree in the resplendent royal blue hue is a perfect tribute to the celestial energy of Chaturthi in Navratri. This exquisite saree marries tradition with contemporary flair, boasting a captivating floral print that mirrors the goddess Kushmanda's boundless creativity. The delicate ruffles add an element of grace and movement, symbolising the vastness of the universe she nurtures. Adorn this saree to connect with the divine's cosmic power, as you embark on your Chaturthi celebrations.

Panchami (Day 5) - Yellow Outfit

Yellow outfits for Panchami (Day 5) of Navratri illuminate the festivities with their radiant charm, embodying the joyous celebration of the goddess Skandamata. Panchami marks her worship, and the choice of yellow reflects her motherly affection and nurturing love. Yellow, the colour of sunshine and happiness, symbolises the warmth and care that she bestows upon her devotees. It's a joyful reminder that in the goddess's embrace, one finds unwavering support and the bliss of a loving mother's presence.

Our Yellow Gold Handblock Suit Set is a manifestation of the radiant spirit of Panchami in Navratri. This resplendent ensemble bathes you in the golden hues of sunshine, mirroring the joyous worship of the goddess Skandamata. Crafted with intricate handblock designs, it represents the artistic beauty of tradition and the warmth of maternal love. The golden accents add a touch of regality, symbolising the divine blessings that the goddess bestows.

Sashti (Day 6) - Green Outfit

Green outfits for Sashti (Day 6) of Navratri symbolise renewal, growth, and the nurturing energy of the goddess Katyayani. Sashti is dedicated to her, and the choice of green reflects her connection with the earth and nature. Green, the colour of life and vitality, signifies rejuvenation and fertility, mirroring the goddess's role as a protector of life and a giver of blessings. It represents the abundance of life and the goddess's role as a nurturer, making Sashti a day of vibrant growth and fertility.

Presenting our Paradise Green Draped Saree with Blouse, a breathtaking embodiment of Sashti's rejuvenating energy in Navratri. This enchanting ensemble captures the essence of nature's lush beauty with its vibrant shade of green. The draped saree, adorned with intricate details, mirrors the goddess Katyayani's nurturing embrace. It's a fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance, perfect for celebrating Sashti. The accompanying blouse complements the saree's charm, creating a harmonious ensemble.

Saptami (Day 7) - Grey Outfit

Grey outfits for Saptami (Day 7) of Navratri symbolise humility, balance, and the divine grace of the goddess Kaalratri. Saptami is dedicated to her fierce and protective form. The choice of grey reflects her relentless commitment to vanquish darkness and bestow blessings. Grey, a colour of neutrality and composure, signifies the balance between light and dark. Adorning grey attire on Saptami signifies a deep connection with inner strength, humility, and the recognition that even in the face of adversity, the goddess's grace guides us.

Introducing our White Grey Natural Dye Suit Set, a graceful embodiment of Saptami's subdued elegance in Navratri. This exquisite ensemble marries the tranquil shades of white and grey, mirroring the goddess Kaalratri's steadfast resolve. Crafted with natural dyes, it resonates with humility and balance, much like the divine's fierce yet protective energy. The intricate details on this suit set reflect the intricate facets of life's challenges. Adorn it to connect with inner strength and the grace to overcome darkness, symbolising unwavering faith even in adversity.

Ashtami (Day 8) - Pink Outfit

Pink outfits for Ashtami (Day 8) of Navratri radiate love, compassion, and the benevolent energy of the goddess Mahagauri. Ashtami is dedicated to her, and the choice of pink reflects her gentle and nurturing qualities. Pink, the colour of affection and harmony, symbolises the love she showers upon her devotees. It represents the purity of heart and soul, inviting devotees to embrace the goddess's affectionate embrace and embody her qualities of love and grace during the joyous Navratri festivities.

Our Hot Pink Bandhej Print Suit Set is an exquisite embodiment of Ashtami's loving aura in Navratri. This vibrant ensemble mirrors the radiant energy of the goddess Mahagauri, adorned in the warm embrace of hot pink. The Bandhej print, with its intricate patterns, adds an element of traditional charm, symbolising the interconnectedness of love and culture. This suit set is a fusion of tradition and contemporary style, perfect for celebrating Ashtami's nurturing qualities. Adorn it to channel the goddess's love and compassion, allowing your attire to resonate with her benevolence and grace.

Navami (Day 9) - Peacock Green Outfit

Peacock green outfits for Navami (Day 9) of Navratri epitomise spiritual awakening, beauty, and the divine energy of the goddess Siddhidatri. Navami is dedicated to her, and the choice of peacock green reflects her ethereal qualities. Peacock green, reminiscent of the vibrant plumage of a peacock, symbolises the celebration of life's beauty and the awakening of spiritual wisdom. Adorning this hue on Navami signifies a profound connection with inner transformation and a deep appreciation for the beauty in life.

Our Rama Green Leheriya Suit Set is a breathtaking ode to Navami's spiritual grace in Navratri. This enchanting ensemble bathes you in the serene hues of peacock green, echoing the goddess Siddhidatri's divine energy. The Leheriya pattern, reminiscent of flowing waves, adds an artistic touch symbolising the journey of spiritual awakening. With strappy sleeves and an Anarkali silhouette, this suit set effortlessly fuses tradition with contemporary elegance, making it an ideal choice for celebrating Navami.

Your One-Stop Solution for Navratri Fashion

When it comes to conquering your Navratri wardrobe dilemmas, look no further than Bunaai. It stands as the ultimate destination to transform your Navratri attire dreams into a vibrant reality. Bunaai's diverse collection effortlessly blends tradition and modernity, offering a kaleidoscope of colours that match the spectrum of Navratri festivities.

At Bunaai, you'll find an Anarkali to twirl in, a saree to drape with grace, or a suit set that blends tradition with contemporary style. Whether you're seeking the perfect ensemble for prayer or dance, Bunaai's extensive range ensures you're impeccably dressed for every celebration. As our vibrant Navratri journey comes to a close, we hope you're as inspired as we are by the rich tapestry of colours, traditions, and spirituality that this festival weaves. Each day, each colour, and each outfit is a canvas for self-expression and a celebration of devotion.

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