Dressing Guide for Inverted Triangle-shaped Body

Fashion is more than having a good taste in style and dressing! It is also about balancing silhouettes concerning your body shape. Bonus point if you carry it according to the design. If it’s supposed to fit like a sack then you should carry one like it!

First things first, if you know your body shape and styles that embrace your features, then it makes a very big difference.

Am I an Inverted Triangle?
If you’ve roughly measured your bottom half and top half, you must have noticed that your shoulders and busts are wider than your hips with your waist and hips slender, it sounds like you’re in the triangle body shape club.
So, if you have an inverted triangle body, keep on reading this style guide.

Straight Kurta

Lengthen your upper body with long and straight-fit kurta sets. This style will not only help you embrace your height but will also complement the silhouettes.

Peplum Kurta

Peplum style adds a little volume around the waistline. You can pair them with flowy or dhooti pants.

Embellished Bottoms

If you carry beautifully embroidered pants, they will grab attention instantly! This will create a sense of balance.

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