Dressing Guide for Pear-shaped Body

Have you ever power-dressed when you felt like not dressing at all? Been there, done that? Same! For us, power dressing means dressing in a top-notch outfit that perfectly matches your body type! It just adds that extra charm.

Last week we started our series about dressing according to your body type. This blog will take you through the points you need to know if your body type is “Pear-shaped”.
Styles for Pear-shaped body:


There are always a lot of options for necklines but one thing to keep in mind is that you should select necklines that highlight your shoulders.

The off-shoulder and wide square neckline will embrace your overall look! It gives a contemporary look to the ethnic charm.


Sleeves are fun and make your outfit stand out! The best is to pick the small-length sleeves for a pear-shaped body.

Puffed sleeves : This type of sleeve helps to broaden the shoulder and create that balance.

Tapered Shirt sleeves : This type of sleeve emphasizes a subtle look and creates a chic balance to the look.


The best way to style the waistline is to carry “fit and flare” patterned outfits. The flowy fit gives a symmetrical appearance to the overall look.

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