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The festival of colours is almost here, and so is the time to fill your wardrobe with amazing and happy colours. Holi being the festival of love, laughter and colours all around, wearing something to compliment the vibe is an absolute must and Bunaai is here to help you with the same!
The grace and elegance of embroidered outfits never fail to make you look as royal as ever, just like the embroidered collection by Bunaai. Every outfit here is curated with a lot of love, to ensure you have a smile on your face the entire time you wear it.
Embroidery can be done by hand (but faster by machine). Even though machines have now revolutionized embroidery art, hand embroidery is still quite popular.
One of the main things that matter the most while getting embroidery done on an outfit is the needle that is being used- one needle doesn't suit every fabric and design.
Here are a few gorgeous embroidered outfits for you to flaunt your style, and look as ravishing as ever!

Sehar Cotton Silk Suit Set

Make every occasion count, whenever you wear our beautiful and elegant Sehar Cotton Silk Suit Set. The machine embroidery details on the border and the gorgeous dupatta are definitely something that should not be missed out on!
Click the link below to get your hands on this one:

Acacia Embroidered Suit Set


Outfits that bring out the best version of you and your personality are loved by all, just like our Acacia Embroidered Suit Set. The gorgeous colour combination and the elegant embroidery are definitely something to look out for!
Grab this one before it's too late:

Salsa Emerald Embroidered Suit Set  

Look absolutely breathtaking whenever you wear our Salsa Emerald Embroidered Suit Set. The colour combination and the graceful and royal embroidery on the neckline will bring out the best in you!
Like what you see? Grab it before it's gone:

Spring Embroidered Suit Set  

Soothing colours and elegant looks are something that makes you look different from everyone, wherever you go. Our Spring Embroidered Suit Set with gorgeous embroidery will surely turn a lot of heads towards you, everywhere you go!
Be your own ball of sunshine as you get your hands on this amazing outfit:

Cupid Grey Embroidered Suit Set   

Adorable colour combinations lead to the adorable look of the entire outfit, just like our Cupid Grey Embroidered Suit Set. The combination of grey and pink and gorgeous embroidery makes this one perfect to be worn on any occasion!
Try being your own cupid for once, and grab this amazing outfit for yourself:

Shop these amazing embroidered outfits by Bunaai and make every occasion special as you receive a lot of compliments from everyone. Visit www.Bunaai.com now!
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