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Florals at Work: Floral Outfits to Up Your 9-5 Style Game

Florals at Work: Floral Outfits to Up Your 9-5 Style Game


In the bustling work environment, where the daily formals often resemble a sea of muted colours and stuffy button-ups, an unspoken paradox exists: the eternal quest for comfort amidst the relentless pursuit of professionalism. We've all been there, haven't we? Those mornings when the thought of squeezing into yet another confining formal outfit feels as appealing as an overdue dentist appointment. But fear not, fellow fashion-forward professionals, we have the perfect solution.

Picture this: a tranquil garden oasis nestled within the confines of your workplace, where the scent of blossoms mingles with the hum of productivity. Okay, so maybe your cubicle isn't quite a garden paradise, but your work attire can certainly bloom with the vibrant charm of florals. In the ever-evolving landscape of office fashion, striking the perfect balance between comfort and chic is like discovering the Holy Grail. Floral outfits, my dear reader, are the secret ingredient that can infuse your work wardrobe with a touch of elegance without pushing you into the dreaded realm of "over the top."

In this enchanting journey, we'll explore the world of comfortable floral workwear – where style and ease harmoniously coexist. We'll delve into the art of picking the perfect petals, deciphering the hues that exude professionalism, and unlocking the mysteries of accessorising your floral ensembles for a look that's nothing short of office magic. Get ready to blossom, flourish, and bloom, because it's time to make your work wardrobe as vibrant as your ambition!


Emma Ensemble Co-ord Set

Our Emma Ensemble Co-Ord Set is where comfort meets timeless elegance. Crafted from luxurious white cotton fabric, this Set features a long kurta and relaxed-fit pants adorned with a mesmerising floral print in shades of tranquil blue. The kurta drapes gracefully, offering a breezy, relaxed feel, making it the perfect choice for long days at the office or stylish brunches. To accentuate the ensemble, opt for delicate silver jewellery and a pair of espadrille wedges for an effortlessly chic look. Our Emma Ensemble Co-Ord Set ensures you'll exude charm and confidence in every step.

Ava Allure Co-ord Set

Our Ava Allure Co-Ord Set is your ticket to the epitome of workwear sophistication. This set boasts a long, collared kurta and matching pants in pristine white cotton, adorned with a delicate floral print in soft pastel pink and blue hues. The relaxed fit offers an airy, comfortable feel, ensuring you effortlessly conquer your professional pursuits in style. To elevate this ensemble, consider pairing it with pearl drop earrings and nude block-heeled sandals, striking the perfect balance between elegance and ease. From boardroom meetings to after-hours networking, the Ava Allure Co-Ord Set is your go-to choice.

Gitanjali Floral Co-ord Set

Our Gitanjali Floral Co-Ord Set is a delightful fusion of elegance and comfort tailor-made for your workwear needs. Crafted from airy white cotton dobby fabric, this Set includes a long collared kurta adorned with exquisite floral prints, adorned with scalloped edges for a touch of finesse. The kaftan-style sleeves add a distinctive flair, providing room to move and breathe freely throughout your busy day. To accentuate this ensemble, opt for gold hoop earrings and nude ballet flats for an effortlessly polished look.

Anokhi Floral Co-ord Set

Elevate your workwear game with the Anokhi Floral Co-Ord Set, where sophistication meets comfort in perfect harmony. Crafted from premium white cotton dobby fabric, this ensemble boasts a long collared kurta adorned with exquisite floral prints in a deep, regal blue hue. Scalloped edges add a touch of finesse to the ensemble, creating an effortlessly elegant look that's perfect for the office. To complete your outfit, consider accessorising with silver drop earrings and navy-blue block heels, allowing you to stride through your workday with confidence and style.

Avery Array Co-ord Set

Our Avery Array Co-ord Set is the epitome of contemporary elegance in workwear fashion. Crafted from pristine white cotton fabric, this set includes a long collared kurta adorned with a captivating pink floral print. What sets it apart? Subtle fringe details infuse a playful yet sophisticated charm into your office attire. To elevate this ensemble, opt for rose gold stud earrings and nude block-heeled pumps. The subtle shimmer and delicate tones of your accessories will harmonise beautifully with the floral theme.

Ipsita Floral Co-ord Set

Our Ipsita Floral Co-Ord Set is a symphony of style and comfort designed to redefine your workwear game. Crafted from soft and breathable pink cotton dobby fabric, this Set boasts a long kurta adorned with an enchanting floral print. It's the perfect blend of professional and chic, offering a fresh take on office attire. To accessorise this ensemble, consider adding a gold statement necklace and nude block-heeled sandals. The warm tones of your accessories will complement the soft pink hue while adding a touch of elegance to your look.

These charming ensembles have showcased how floral prints can infuse your professional wardrobe with a breath of fresh air, striking the perfect balance between comfort and chic sophistication. In a world where our work attire often feels like a second skin, it's refreshing to know that we can embrace the beauty of nature's blooms without compromising on the demands of the corporate world. So, as you step into your next workday, remember that your outfit is more than just fabric and prints; it's a canvas for self-expression and a reflection of your unique style.

With comfortable floral workwear, you can navigate your professional landscape with grace and flair, reminding yourself and the world that professionalism doesn't have to mean sacrificing personal style. So are you ready to embrace the floral revolution in your work wardrobe? Explore the 'Day-to-Day' collection and shop these stunning pieces from Bunaai today! Your journey to stylish, comfortable workwear starts here.

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