Go Monochrome, With Love! – Bunaai

Posted on by Bunaai Team

Trends keep changing every year, and with every new trend, the stress of updating the wardrobe keeps increasing. But as you know, BUNAAI has you all covered with the latest classy trends and the best outfit inspirations you would ever need.

One of the on-going trends and the most hyped one this year has to be ‘Monochrome Outfits’. For the ones who don’t know, monochromatic outfits are the ones that consist of various pieces of the same colour (the shades might vary). So in this case, only one colour does all the magic.

There are times when mixing patterns can look a bit too cluttered; but with monochrome outfits, there is no such hassle at all. Here at BUNAAI, there are various monochromatic outfits you can opt for, and look your best no matter where you’re off to- a party, a date or even a family function- we have you covered for everything. But hey, remember to be safe, no matter where you go- get a mask of the shade that goes with your outfit and you’ll slay it like never before; you sure are going to get a lot of heads turned towards you.

Here are some of our favourite monochrome outfits from BUNAAI’s ‘Latest Trends’, that will make you look absolutely stunning!


Dhoti sets mark as an absolute style statement with its unique design. Have a day function right ahead of you and you don’t know what to opt for? Not to worry; we have it all sorted for you with this beautiful Mint Shade Dhoti Set which will be an absolute head-turner, anywhere you go.


Outfits that soothe the eyes are an absolute steal; imagine going monochrome with soothing colours. The Fairy Apricot Cotton Suit Set is the perfect example to let you know what we are referring to. You can grab this outfit and wear it for puja at home, or even a mini get-together during the day!


Want to go for a simple yet classy outfit? This is it! The Fairytale Pink Suit Set from BUNAAI is the perfect monochrome choice to go for. It’s extremely versatile- you can wear it to a get-together, a work meeting, or even a simple function at home.


The month of October sure calls for this lovely lehenga set, since it’s the month of numerous weddings. This set is just perfect for a wedding ceremony during the day and we promise you, you’re not going to look any less than a princess in this one.