Handpainted dresses - a stylish addition to your wardrobe.


As you stare at the clothes in your closet, you may want to think beyond the weather and consider the right outfit for the upcoming day. Your closet is filled with almost all styles, but you can’t decide which outfit to wear.  So you do just grab the first thing that comes to hand, don’t you?  We have a solution to change your morning ritual. Add hand-painted dresses to your wardrobe that bring together your personality and perfect colours.

It takes a skilled hand and a creative mind to craft a hand-painted dress! Brilliantly painted dress adds just the right touch of elegance to your free spirit look. They are great for an evening out and occasions like business meetings or getaways. In the world of hand-painted dresses, let's welcome this unique ethnic fusion wears, they all look cool, available in multiple colours for your every mood. Select from our unique range of hand-painted dresses to adhere to your customized needs and to all events and settings.

1. Yellow Handpainted Cotton Dress

A true Yellow colour that embraces and explores the Indian roots. Beautiful hand printed design that brings to life tradition that’s entirely new.









 2. Ink Water Cotton Dress

The ultimate monsoon look has arrived! Make space in your wardrobe for this beautiful hand-painted design, inspired by the ancient art form for the woman of today to look in their best form!









3. Jasmine Handpainted Dress

Ladies, it’s time to break the rules. Let’s give your wardrobe a fun fashion twist with beautiful designs that are painted with a hand giving it a personal touch making you look awesome.










4. Shaded Leaf Cotton Set

We know white is your favourite choice. An all-time colour that makes any girl look pretty with its instant magic. Take a twirl in the beautiful white floral hand printed dress and witness how magical things can be!









Sold on the idea of Hand-painted dresses? We’ve got you covered at www.bunnai.com

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