How to make your wardrobe environmentally conscious?

Are you an environmentally conscious person, trying to make some changes towards a more sustainable life? Well, a lot of us are. We have spoken to experts and created a list of ways in which you can buy eco friendly products and turn your wardrobe greener, one step at a time.

Talk to your brands

As a consumer, be more aware. Be informed about the kind of raw materials that your favourite brands are using. Ask questions about their production process and the ways in which they are supporting ethical clothing.

Shop local over global

True environmentalists understand the significance of buying local. Supporting the economy, boosting traditional craftsmen and artists, and in turn reducing their carbon footprint.

Choose natural fabric fibres over synthetic

Our everyday choices define us, the kind of individual we are. Choose natural fabric fibres like cotton, jute, hemp, silk, wool. Natural fibres are more environmentally conscious compared to man made ones. Synthetic fibres may seem more durable and efficient but are damaging to our mother Earth.

Look after your clothes

Choosing the right eco-friendly products for yourself, is the first step. It is also important to take care of them instead of just wearing them once and tossing them out. Mend our clothes yourself, when there is a small tear on them or the stitching comes off. When you look after things they last.

Style same piece differently

Becoming sustainable doesn’t mean your clothes have to be boring or repetitive. There are various ways to style your outfit differently. Take inspirations from around the world. Ethical fashion is the future. For example, you can style angrakha kurta as a dress, add a scarf to your outfit, experiment with accessories, layer up, also another big one, change your shoes!
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