Loungewear, the new works from home outfit choice

A huge change is upon us. We are living and experiencing a time which no one had imagined. Our routines, plans have been thrown into a disarray.

Work from home or WFH as most would call it, has become the new norm. Some people have gotten comfortable with the new order, while others are still struggling with keeping their sanities intact.

But one thing is certain, Work From Home has led to a lot of people letting go of their formal style and taking to pjs. But most of you will agree that sitting all day in pjs doesn’t give you the kind of motivation or fulfillment that work requires.

So what’s the solution, to not let our jammies become our uniform and fashion boredom take over us? The answer is LOUNGEWEAR! Loungewear worldwide has become the work from home, choice of outfit.

Apart from being the coziest outfit, loungewear are easy on the pocket and stylish too.
While being locked up and working from home, it is essential that we take our time in the morning and get ready for work. Putting on a fresh pair of clothes and starting the day, gives us purpose and motivation. We feel productive when we look put together.

Loungewear is crafted with very soft fabrics, which are easy on the skin. Their style is also very comfortable and easy to fit. Perfect for all body types. They are designed for you to spend your whole day in them.

Nobody had thought we would be spending so much time at home. The pre-pandemic times seem like a dreamy haze right now. The virus has definitely opened our eyes to a new reality we had rarely imagined. While the technology is helping us keep afloat and working, loungewear is turning the work from home fashion game completely.

At Bunaai, we have recently launched our new loungewear collection. Made from the softest cotton fabric, the sets are very light and breathable. With clean cuts, slits, and wide sleeves, the loungewear collection feels very snug. These sets come in some stunning colors and prints, making the work from home outfits very stylish.

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