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Rakhi Outfits for Different Sisters

Rakhi Outfits for Different Sisters


It's almost Raksha Bandhan girls, hope you have gotten rakhis for all your annoying brothers and sisters. Don’t forget to get your rakhi outfits in place before the festivities begin. What's rakhi without sisters dressing up?

Raksha Bandhan is such an endearing festival, spending time with family and loved ones. Getting together, playing pranks, remembering childhood memories. While we can fight all we want with our sisters, it is on this day that we get together and appreciate each other tremendously.

But there is no one type of sister. Sisters are of different types. We have put together a list of rakhi outfits for all your different types of sisters.

The Style Diva

She knows all about the latest fashion trends. And would go to any lengths to follow them too. Be it any festival or occasion, her outfits are always on point.

For your Style Diva sister, we have the Freesia Yellow Draped Saree. This flowy set features a co-ord set plus a ruffled sari.

The Mom

She knows everything about you, keeps fawning over you, takes care of you all the time. You go to her to get all your advice, and even to ask for that extra cash.

The Scarlet Red Suit Set is perfect for her. It is elegant, graceful, and traditionally festive.

The Bully

She is the one you are scared of. You do her bidding all the time, so she doesn’t complain about you. Cannot displease this sister.

She will pretend to be the nice one in front of everyone but you know deep down what she is capable of. Unending scolding which is later followed by immense love.

Our Rose Dawn Sharara Set is the ideal outfit for her. Feminine and sassy. The layered flared pants and the strappy short kurta says beware but with a wide smile.

The Know-it-All

There are a few sisters who can’t stop showing off their knowledge and superiority. Though we love all our sisters, the know-it-all can get a bit annoying.

The Blue Organza Cape dress is for her. This sister is confident, edgy, yet simple and unique just like this outfit.

The Prankster

You can never have a dull moment with the prankster sister around. She is always cracking jokes and is full of life.

There is childlike innocence in her eyes and she is always up to something. Our Mint Dhoti set is perfect for the prankster sister.

Festivals will come and go but, Sisters are Forever!
Embrace all the sisters in your life.
Celebrate Sisterhood. Celebrate the Bond of Love, this Raksha Bandhan

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