Sarees - The Ethnic Soul of Indian Culture

Indian sarees are world famous for its diversity and incomparable beauty. Indian sarees are known to encompass cultural essence which has indefinable grace and texture. They are the most elegant traditional wear which represents the Ethnic Soul of Indian Culture the world has ever seen. Filled with a huge variety of colours, textures, and fabrics, some of the most exquisite collections of Indian sarees can be bought from Bunaai. Indian sarees differ in designs, patterns, textures, and styles in different regions of the country.

A mesmerizing range of designs can be bought specially from Bunaai.

1. Organza Orange Saree

Orange is the happiest colour. Add more sunshine to your etiquette by wearing the organza orange saree attached with a matching blouse. Unleash the ethnic soul of Indian culture by draping elegance with Bunaai's printed orange organza saree. Celebrate womanhood with this stunning printed orange saree styled with plain orange blouse.

2. Berry Kota Silk Saree

Wearing saree is an art! Now enhance your art with the fine kota architecture silk saree especially handcrafted in berry colour! Matching accessories will give a touch of the ethnic soul of Indian culture. Flaunt yourself proudly with this Kota silk saree by Bunaai. With heavy buttas on borders and a heavily embellished pallu, your presence in this Soulful Indian wear will make a statement.

3. Organza Green Saree

Being lively and lovable is possible by draping yourself with the organza green saree! Matching green blouse makes you feel enchanted as it adds a touch of ethnic soul of Indian culture. You can never go wrong with a green printed organza Indian wear. This saree is a printed piece of soulful magic draped for an exceptional look. Slay in India style as this comes with a matching unstitched blouse.

4. Butta Print Linen Saree

What could you ask for more when you have a sheer linen piece of fabric that makes you stand out amongst the ordinary. Linen saree is the love of this season! Indulge in the sea of linen by wearing the grey floral printed butta linen saree which kindles the ethnic soul of Indian culture. This linen saree with shimmery border and leave pint scattered all over is a must. With a navy blue blouse, you are bound to make heads turn wherever you go.

5. Coral Organza Saree

Club yourself with the coral organza saree and a matching black blouse! Black not just adds glamour to your overall looks, it ensures an unmatched level of sophistication too.This combo gives an awe-inspiring look with this traditional attire. Bunaai is all set to add zeal to your traditional look. This Coral Organza saree comes in self-print with a black blouse with self-print. Drape that out of the box look with this Indian wear.

Sarees are the symbol of Indianism. They carry a unique identity globally. Drape the charm of ethnic wear around your personality. For a beautiful saree collection visit:

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