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Styling Tips for Holi 2022

Styling Tips for Holi 2022


Rang Barse Bheege Chunar wali Rang Barse… Yes! Every time we listen to these words it always gives us that typically Bollywood Holi celebration vibes! That freshness of colours and chills of pichkaris, those tasty scents of snacks, and the rejuvenating box of memories… oh the list of Holi emotions are endless.

But no matter what, making traditional snacks for festivals will always top the excitement list. Remember how we stick to cooking tips from our Dadi’s and Nani's, so that we never mess up? Similarly, you need to follow the perfect styling tips for ‘the OG outfit for Holi! (fun, right?)

So, let’s not waste our time chit-chatting and quickly go through these top points you need to keep in mind while deciding your Holi 2022 outfit.

Must-have Holi Puja Outfits

Do you feel like ‘that desi-girl’ every time you dress up for puja? Because same! This Holi, style your look with a bright and blissful cotton suit set. Tailored to sartorial perfection, cotton suit sets will be comfy and trendy with all the festive hassle.

Tap the link to shop these cotton suit sets:

Mesmerising Prints for Holi Celebration

Oh, the love for prints is endless, right? Especially, when you’ll end up in various colours, the prints will surely complement your Holi party look! Dress in these beautiful prints and patterns and take your fashion game top-notch!

Shop these prints now! Click the link below:

Extra Spark with Jewellery

Well, we all agree that a dash of accessories elevates a simple outfit instantly. To complete your outfit with shimmery surprises and be festive-ready!

Grab these charms by clicking the link below:

Step out in Style with Classy Juttis

Who doesn’t like matching pairs of footwear when it comes to festive looks? This Holi, make every step chic with these classic juttis and be a stunner!

Tap the link below to get these juttis:

And finally, you are all set from head-to-toe for the fabulous Holi celebrations! happy holi!

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