Stylish variations only at Bunaai

Introducing a new style has been our hallmark. Be it any reason or season, we have the latest trends for you. Sharing with you a few hand-picked collections

Celebrate Indian charm and traditional craftsmanship with women’s ethnic wear. Take a fashion-forward stance by wearing this silky smooth dress. Silk is well known for its luxurious, smooth, soft touch and glistening looks. Breath easy in the best outfit with thunder grey shade, Silky Smooth Cotton Dress with an extra layering to give yourself a versatile look. 

Another cute stylist dress adorned in icy blue hue look would make for the perfectly adorable you. Get into an irresistible shape with this dress with flared cuts. The icy blue on white handprint gives a heavenly charm. The white handprinted dress with blue flowers gives out a calming vibe. This light, floral dress is like a breath of fresh air to look at. 

Put your best look forward this season with Bunaai's classic off-shoulder dresses. Add this white off-shoulder dress into your wardrobe to create a new look that's sure to impress. Let your mind be free and outfit look chic and pretty! Be dressed as white as the frozen snow with the white multi-coloured polka dots dress. Adding to the elegance there is the off-shoulder neckline. White isn't just a colour, It's an attitude, too.

Beauty lies in simplicity. The eye-catchy style of the dress enhancing the look of frill neckline. Opt for the eye captivating cotton dress for your vacation! The frill neckline is enchanting and the full-length dress is fit-to-perfection! Featuring an abstract print, a sleeveless design, a V-neck, this full-length dress cinches at the waist and then flows into a full till the bottom. Just go for this stylish & trendy frill neckline dress. 

Wear what you love! Check out the rosy coral cotton suit featuring a pink-red combo log added with a wavy dupatta. A beautiful Indian ethic for all special occasions. Indulge in the softness of the coral rose coloured cotton suit. The flawless skirt and silver-red bordered dupatta remain elegant and simple. The long skirt is everyone's choice and the centre of attraction of your occasion!

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