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Summer Slumber Party Edit 2022


Ladies, put your hands up as we’re putting the party playlist! It’s slumber party season! Yeah, of course, who is gonna step out in such sweltering heat. From one fashion lover to another, we all know the comfort that soft nightwear brings to our souls.

The textures, patterns, cotton candy fabric, and breezy fit! This is our idea to stay cozy this summer season! So get ready for the joyous ride of staying up all night, playing games, and catching up on the happenings of the month, and yeah, no slumber party is complete without a photo shoot! The excitement of choosing what to wear, putting on make-up, and striking a pose for the camera! We know the planning that goes on behind the scenes and we’ve got just the right looks for your next party!

Comfy Kaftan Sets

From a sundowner to the bedroom, flowy kaftans are the perfect look for that boho vibe. They fall perfectly, making them an ideal choice for a graceful look.
Shop this comfy set here:

Blue Happy Hues

When it comes to nightwear, any shade of blue works perfectly. It's royal, casual, and elegant in the same breath.
Buy happiness in style here:

Block the Negative Vibes

Block prints are timeless. They never go out of style. They are the perfect outfit for an occasion that lasts from dusk to dawn.
Get this luxurious set here:

Own the Night in Full Bloom

When in doubt, go floral! It's light, flowy, and just right. It is a guaranteed eye turner with bright and beautiful fabric and prints.
Buy this floral set here:

Stripes with a Twist

Why settle for the basic nightwear with stripes? Here’s a look with a splash of tradition! Check out these outfits that have stripes but aren’t regular.
Step in style here:

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