The Art behind Hand Block printing process

Rajasthan is a land of colours, culture and heritage. The traditional architecture provides a huge landscape of ideas for any textile business.

We at Bunaai, are immensely inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.And we incorporate all that we see at our home in our design and creative processes.

One of the printing techniques which is widely practiced in Rajasthan is hand block printing.

Hand block printing requires woodblocks which are also used to print our beautiful block print cotton fabric.

Block printing on textile has been a very common practice in Asian and Middle Eastern cultures.

To begin this magnificent process, woodblocks are created by skilled traditional craftsmen. These are created out of regular wood but the etching is done with hands.

A motif design is selected first. These are typically floral patterns inspired from nature. The gorgeous motifs that you see on our block print kurtis and dresses come from these woodblocks.

Rajasthan being a dry state, didn’t get a lot of rain, so very less flowers too. To cover for that, mostly floral designs can be seen in our architecture, paintings, clothing etc.

The fabric to be printed is dyed first with the colour of our choice. And once it is dried, it is ready for printing.

The fabric is then stretched and laid out of a big table and held with small pins.

The designed woodblocks are dipped in colour and stamped on the fabric with force. More force is applied on the block so that the design comes out perfectly.

Once the hand block printing process is completed on the entire fabric. It is dried and washed, giving us the beautiful block print cotton fabric.

We then use this fabric to create our latest in fashion block print kurtis and dresses at Bunaai.

Hand block printing is a very age old process and requires a lot of training and precision. So that no piece of fabric is smudged and wasted.

We at Bunaai work with local traditional craftsmen to create our much loved signature, block printed products!

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