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The Saga of Bollywood Sarees Through the Decades

The Saga of Bollywood Sarees Through the Decades


Nothing compares to the beauty of Indian women in Saree! There is something timeless and classic about these stunning drapes which can never go out of fashion. After all, we have all grown up between rummaging through our mother’s closets for that perfect school farewell Saree to owning a closet full of these beauties.

But what happens when these magical drapes combine with the glamour of Bollywood? You are about to find out! From the swinging sixties to the groovy seventies, the rad eighties, the naughty nineties, and the fabulous 2000s, we're diving headfirst into the delightful pieces of grace that have left us breathless.

Get ready to relive the iconic moments when Mumtaz's orange Saree in "Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche" became the talk of the town, Raveena Tandon made yellow the new hot in "Tip Tip Barsa Pani," and Deepika Padukone left us all "Badtameez Dil" in her stunning blue Saree. And let's not forget the ever-so-regal Rekha and the timeless beauty, Sharmila Tagore, who had us all in awe with their Saree fashion game.

Over the decades, Indian cinema has showcased the timeless elegance and grace of this traditional attire, creating unforgettable moments etched in the hearts of millions. Through this blog, we will take you on an extraordinary journey through the decades of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, exploring the iconic Sarees that have become the stuff of legends and showing you how you can recreate those looks. Let’s dive in!


Picture this: the swinging sixties, a time of cinematic revolution and undeniable charm. In the midst of this golden era, Mumtaz sashayed onto the screen, creating an everlasting impact with her vibrant orange Saree in the evergreen song "Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche”. As she swayed and twirled, her saree, like a flame in motion, captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Mumtaz's orange saree epitomised youthful exuberance, symbolising love, dreams, and the unspoken language of romance. Recreating Mumtaz's iconic look is now within reach with our Tahiti Gold Lurex Saree. With its vibrant orange hue and intricate detailing, this saree effortlessly captures the essence of Mumtaz's mesmerising drape, channelling her youthful energy and unmatched charm.


As the 1970s dawned upon the silver screen, Bollywood witnessed a paradigm shift in Saree fashion. Bollywood witnessed the ethereal beauty of Sharmila Tagore, who effortlessly blended grace and sophistication. One particular Saree ensemble stands out as a timeless symbol of her elegance, a white floral Saree that seemed to be woven from the very essence of purity and enchantment. Sharmila Tagore's white floral saree became a quintessential representation of femininity and refined style. To recreate the ethereal beauty of Sharmila Tagore's white floral saree, our Ivory Floral Sharara Fusion Saree is a perfect choice. With its delicate floral motifs and soft ivory hue, this saree captures the essence of Sharmila's elegance, combining the grace of a saree with the comfort of a sharara.


The 1980s witnessed a shift in the Saree narrative, with actresses embracing bold and experimental styles. The era brought forth a trailblazing fashion icon in Rekha, whose Saree choices effortlessly combined regality and sensuality. Among her myriad awe-inspiring Sarees, one that became iconic was the ravishing red Saree. To capture the essence of Rekha's regal charisma, our Stitched Elegance Draped Saree is the perfect choice. With its rich red hue, elaborately embroidered blouse, and pre-stitched drape, this saree offers a modern take on traditional elegance, emulating Rekha's magnetic presence.


The 1990s marked a playground of versatility and expression, as Bollywood pushed the boundaries of fashion and style. Raveena Tandon, in her electrifying yellow Saree from the song "Tip Tip Barsa Pani," rewrote the rules of sensuality and grace. Drenched in raindrops, her ethereal drape clung to her like a second skin, setting hearts ablaze. To capture the grace and allure of Raveena Tandon's yellow saree from the 1990s, our Jui Floral Draped Saree is perfect. With its sunny yellow hue and delicate floral patterns, this saree encapsulates the vibrant spirit and timeless elegance that Raveena Tandon exuded in her iconic moments.


In the 2000s, a renaissance of Saree fashion emerged, reaffirming its timeless appeal. Leading this revolution was the ethereal Deepika Padukone, whose elegance and grace took the industry by storm. Among her unforgettable Saree moments, one that stood out was her bewitching blue Saree in "Badtameez Dil. Our Hot Blue Lurex Draped Saree can help you recreate this look and capture the trailblazing elegance of Deepika Padukone. This saree seamlessly blends tradition and contemporary style, just like Deepika's iconic look. The vibrant shade of blue instantly grabs attention, while the intricate lurex detailing adds a touch of glamour and sparkle.

As we conclude our captivating journey through the saree saga of Bollywood, we are left in awe of the timeless elegance and unforgettable moments that have shaped the fashion landscape of Indian cinema. From Mumtaz's iconic orange saree in the 1960s to Deepika Padukone's trailblazing blue saree in the 2000s, each ensemble has left an indelible mark on our hearts and ignited a passion for capturing their essence in our own fashion choices.

To bring these iconic looks to life and embrace the magic of Bollywood fashion, we invite you to explore Bunaai, a destination where traditional aesthetics and contemporary style beautifully converge. At Bunaai, we offer a stunning collection of sarees and other fashion ensembles that effortlessly capture the essence of these legendary Bollywood moments among many others like contemporary Kaftans which you can read more about in our previous blog.

So shop now and embark on your own fashion journey, capturing the essence of these iconic looks and creating your own moments of timeless elegance!

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