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This Navratri 2021 Slay In 9 Different Colors With Bunaai

This Navratri 2021 Slay In 9 Different Colors With Bunaai


Omg Girls! Can you feel the zhoosh already? That non-stop folk music, endless nights, morning pujas, and super exciting Garba! *dreaming already* Yes, it's time to twirl around and dance to fun beats because our favorite festival is right here - Navratri! A nine-day celebration, full of love, laughter, music, and colors!

Dedicated to the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga, each of these days has significant importance of its own. But one thing that adds even more charm and importance to it is the color specified for each day! These auspicious colors are emblematic of the nine avatars of goddess Durga and have their own meaning.

Well, we know you are already spending endless hours in front of your closet and mobile screens to pick those perfect 9 outfits, but this year we have a really unique idea for you! How about dressing up and slaying in these 9 significant colors for 9 days. Confused? Scroll down to know more (and to slay every Garba night of course)!

Day 1: Orange

The color dedicated to Devi Shailaputri, the daughter of Himalaya Raja, Orange signifies enthusiasm and happiness like no other.

Add this gorgeous saree to your cart from here:

Day 2: White

On this day, Goddess Brahmacharini, goddess of the epitome of love is worshipped. Adding significance to this is the color white- the color of faith, sterility, and spirituality.

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Day 3: Red

The day worships Goddess Chandraganta, who rewards people with her bravery and grace. Hence the flair of color Red, the color that signifies love, passion, and courage, is added to this day.

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Day 4: Royal Blue

Worshiping Goddess Kushmanda, this day celebrates the color - Blue. A sign of good health and prosperity it adds magic to this day!

Click the link below for this trendy look:

Day 5: Yellow

Dedicated to Goddess Skandmata, on this day the color Yellow is adorned. Bringing happiness and brightness, this color and day are meant to add light to our lives.

Snag the link below to dress up:

Day 6: Green

The green color signifies new beginnings and growth. Worshiping Goddess Katyayani on this day, green is adorned to welcome fresh starts.

Refresh your wardrobe with this green suit set:

Day 7: Grey

The color of this day is grey, which stands for the strength of transforming. Dedicated to Goddess Kalaratri, this day is about celebrating the happy change and strengthening.

Grab this exquisite piece here:

Day 8: Purple

The color purple signifies the power of intellect and peace. Celebrating Goddess Mahagauri this day marks the addition of calm to our lives.

Slay in style in this kurta set by clicking here:

Day 9: Peacock green

The color peacock green is believed to fulfill the desires of devotees. Worshiping Goddess Siddhidatri this last day of Navratri is all about summing the love of devotees for the 9 days!

To get twirl ready in this color click here:

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