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Waves of Desert: A Vibrant Rajasthani Story of Leheriya

Waves of Desert: A Vibrant Rajasthani Story of Leheriya


In the vibrant tapestry of Rajasthan's cultural heritage, few crafts have captured the essence of its landscapes as beautifully as Leheriya. Renowned as one of the state's most cherished traditional arts, Leheriya is a mesmerising form of tie and dye that pays homage to the undulating patterns created by the winds across the arid Rajasthani desert terrain. Derived from the Hindi word ‘Leher’, which translates to ‘wave’, this intricate craft encapsulates the very essence of Rajasthan's artistry and history.

At the heart of Leheriya's allure lies a unique technique known as wrap-resist dyeing. This technique transforms typically white, delicate cotton or silk fabrics into vibrant canvases for irregular, colourful stripe designs. Once the initial prep of folding and rolling is completed, a dye/colour is applied only in a particular pattern on the cloth. To layer the fabric with more vibrant hues, the cloth is meticulously rolled and dyed again. This re-rolling and re-tying process serves to resist the already-applied colour, allowing the addition of new shades without compromising the original design.

While Leheriya was initially worn by Rajasthani men as turbans as a symbol of culture and status, it eventually transcended geographical confines, captivating not just Rajasthan but also the entire nation. Today, fashion enthusiasts from every corner of India have embraced this art form with open arms and Bunaai is definitely keeping up. Leheriya, once reserved for specific occasions and a select few, has become a versatile choice for men and women alike, transcending age and gender and comes in all forms including Sarees, Dresses, Suit Sets, Kurta Sets and Lehenga Set.

So, join us in exploring how Leheriya's waves, once exclusive to Rajasthan's elite, have now touched the shores of pan-Indian fashion. Check out our favourite Leheriya picks from our new collection ‘Rang’!

Blue Leheriya Draped Saree

A conversation about Indian culture and its traditional artform like Leheriya cannot start without mention of Sarees. Our Blue Leheriya Draped Saree is a symphony of colours and patterns, brought to life through the skilled hands of artisans. The Leheriya technique comes to life in the irregular, colourful stripe designs that adorn the Saree, each stroke an ode to the wind-swept dunes of Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, Leheriya Sarees hold a special place beyond their aesthetic allure since it is a tradition for Rajasthani women to gift each other Leheriya sarees as tokens of love and blessings. The vibrant colours and flowing patterns are believed to carry positive energies, making our Blue Leheriya Draped Saree a perfect gift for occasions of celebration and joy.

Pink Leheriya Suit Set

As the rain heralds the beginning of a new season, our Pink Leheriya Suit Set, with its vibrant hues and undulating patterns, embodies the essence of the monsoon. The art form of Leheriya has long been synonymous with the rains, capturing the energy and vibrancy that the showers bring to the earth. Crafted from the finest silk Doria fabric, adorned with shades of mesmerising pink, and adorned with Leheriya patterns in hues of blue, yellow, and black, this Suit Set Suit Set tells a tale of artistry and nature intertwining. Let this ensemble become your companion as you celebrate the season's splendour, carrying with you the timeless elegance of Rajasthan's heritage.

Shades of Red Silk Doria Lehenga

Our Shades of Red Silk Doria Lehenga stands as a Leheriya masterpiece that harmoniously marries tradition with modern flair. Crafted from the finest silk Doria fabric, this Lehenga Set exudes a luxurious touch that elevates your presence. The deep red hue forms the canvas for the Leheriya patterns, creating a mesmerising dance of colours and lines that narrates the tale of the Rajasthani desert winds. The fusion of the rich fabric and the intricate patterns results in an ensemble that's both regal and enchanting. The vibrant shades of Leheriya patterns mirror the intensity of emotions and the playfulness of life.

Sky Blue Leheriya Kurta Set

In the sun-soaked landscape of Rajasthan, where hues of blue stretch endlessly across the sky, our Sky Blue Leheriya Kurta Set emerges as an embodiment of culture, tradition, and artistic finesse. Wrapped in the soothing shade of sky blue, this Kurta Set serves as the perfect canvas for the intricate Leheriya patterns. The Sky Blue Leheriya Kurta Set is more than just an outfit, it's an ode to the vibrant culture that Rajasthan proudly showcases. At the same time, the contemporary aesthetics of the Set highlights the progress this traditional art form has made over the years and makes its way seamlessly into any modern wardrobe.

Green Leheriya Dress With Cape

In the heart of Rajasthan's culture, our Green Leheriya Dress With Cape stands as a harmonious fusion of tradition, vibrancy, and contemporary grace which reminds you of the soothing green oasis in the midst of arid desert. Draped in the serene shade of green, this dress captures the enchanting beauty of nature while the Leheriya technique, intricately woven into the fabric, tells a story of craftsmanship and heritage. Each line, each hue, carries the whispers of Rajasthan's heritage, reminiscent of the patterns formed by the desert's winds.

As we conclude this journey through the captivating world of Leheriya, let us not only appreciate its beauty but also embrace it as a tangible piece of history and art. With a name that mirrors its essence, Leheriya entices with its play of colours and fluid lines. The delicate dance between artisans' hands and the fabric unveils a symphony of hues that steals our heart. Bunaai proudly presents the new collection ‘Rang’ that pays homage to the intricate craft of Leheriya, offering you the opportunity to be part of this enduring tradition.

Explore the stunning range of Leheriya sarees, lehengas, suit sets, and dresses, each piece a testament to the timelessness of Rajasthan's heritage. Experience the essence of Leheriya's waves with Bunaai as they gracefully drape around you, embodying the stories of the past while weaving a narrative for the present.

To explore more of India’s heritage expressed through fashion, check out our. last blog.

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