What color office wear to choose based on your mood?

You wake up in the morning, smiling at the new day ahead of you. Hit the snooze button, grab your coffee, and put some music to kickstart your day. The morning mood seems to drain as soon as you have to get ready for work and choose what you are going to wear.

Picking the perfect office wear outfit can be a task in the morning. The one that most of us shirk from until the very last moment.

Did you know, the color that you wear has a significant impact on your mood and work? Certain colors can make you feel a certain way. They have the power to influence your energy and emotions. It is good to have this knowledge when you want your office wear to reflect exactly how you are feeling and take charge of your mood.

Taking inspiration from color theory and how our body chakras react to them. We have put together a list of office wear colors for you to choose from, depending on your mood.

Pick a red outfit when you feel humble and grounded.

Choose orange office wear to invoke creativity, for that big presentation day.

Wear yellow for confidence, for those job interviews.

Dress in green to get that warm, welcoming vibe, for the day you are hosting client meetings.

Go with blue for the days that require you to focus on clear communication.

Take style advice from us on how to incorporate these colors in your office wear wardrobe.

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