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Your Monday to Sunday work dresses!

Your Monday to Sunday work dresses!


Girls, don’t you love being at your chic best while slaying at work? We feel you completely on that! But we also know how hard it can get to plan your work dresses in the mornings. Alarm clock on snooze... So here’s what we have done, we have curated a special list of trendy office clothes for you. Your looks for the next week have been designed and styled by Bunaai. Check out our work styles for women with the brand new Bunnai X Tangerine Collection.

The Monday Look - Rosemare Cotton Kurta Set

You know how to make Monday blues bearable? Add some pinks to it. Start your week on a comfortable as well as a trendy note with this bright pink cotton kurta set with pom pom detailing. Glide into the week with this outfit. There’s no rule that says work dresses have to be boring!

The Tuesday Look - Blue Blast Cotton Shrug Set

Tuesdays can get difficult, as all the weekend vibe has gone. Only some trendy clothes can lift up your spirits. It's time to power up and hit those meetings with our short cotton kurta set. It is layered well with a solid coloured overlay. Our work dresses are power suits girls.

The Wednesday Look - Wisteria Cotton Kurta Set

With all the never-ending work piling up, it’s finally hump day! You have made it to the middle of the week girls! Our work dress pick is this gorgeous pastel lavender cotton kurta set with pom-pom detailing on the hemline. Simple yet striking.

The Thursday Look - Blue Blast Cotton Shrug Set

The weekend is almost here and our mood surely is brightening. For a quick, easy yet trendy-day we have picked this pastel work dress for you. This long cotton dress is tiered and has some breathtaking pastel shades. Making it easier for you to get through your workday. Get on with those to-dos for now.

The Friday Look - White Shifli Co-ord Set

Thank god it’s finally Friday! We cannot keep our calm. Even while at work we know you are busy making your evening plans. It’s better to dress, to make an easy transition from work to fun with our White Shifli co-ord set. Coordinated sets are a wardrobe staple. This one is easy breezy and ohh so fancy, making it a perfect work dress. And also ideal for those Friday night plans.

The Saturday Look - Ballet Cotton Kurta Set

Saturday is our favourite day of the week. The weekend seems endless and laziness takes over. We have chosen the perfect outfit for you. Our Ballet cotton kurta set, pastel pink flowy kurta paired with wide white palazzos, nothing says easy breezy and daydreaming like this trendy outfit. Enjoy those dates and long shopping trips in this perfect outfit.

The Sunday Look - Pear Cooler Cotton Dress

While Sunday is the epitome of fun and laziness, we know that ‘weekend-ending’ feeling might break a few hearts. We have a pop coloured pear cooler cotton dress for you to shine through your Sundays. Don’t spend all day in bed, dress up and go meet your girlfriends for a Sunday brunch with this trendsetting outfit.

Here are our 7 outfits for your full week! Now enjoy the extra time on your hand for some tender, loving, self - care!

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