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Zodiac Signs Inspired Outfit Choices

Zodiac Signs Inspired Outfit Choices


Our zodiac signs vibe with specific colors. These colors bring out our inner personality, beautifully.

The 12 different astrological signs, connect well with a particular color. So keep this in mind while choosing an outfit for yourself or your loved ones.

Explore a wide range of designs in your zodiac sign color with Bunaai’s curated list.

Aries: Red

Fierce and passionate, Aries are the born leaders. Full of excitement, Aries always need attention. They vibe well with shades of Red. Check out our collection of all-Reds.

Tauras: Green

Fresh and full of growth, lush green represents the vivaciousness of Taureans. It keeps them grounded too. Choose from a wide range of Green outfits at Bunaai.

Gemini: Yellow

Always shining bright and inspiring, Gemini’s have the power of lightening up any environment. Just like the color yellow, for this zodiac sign. It will keep them upbeat and full of warmth. To stand out in social gatherings, choose and shop from our range of dresses in yellow.

Cancer: Bright White

Just like their clear and clean state, White suits Cancerians well. Ruled by the moon, it reflects purity and originality in thoughts. Don’t miss out on checking this evergreen color outfit choices, at Bunaai.

Leo: Orange

For the stars of the show Leos, the most head-turning color orange, is ideal. Look bold and charismatic, full of power and prestige. Check our range of orange outfits, perfect for this zodiac sign.

Virgo: Brown

Classic brown color enhances the incredibly grounded nature of Virgos. Being deep lovers of humanity, this zodiac sign is usually reserved, which reflects well through the shades of brown. Virgos do go through Bunaai’s collection of outfits in brown and beige.

Libra: Pink

Libra reflects love through Pink. Adding the right amount of feminity with pink will make them look beautiful and serene. Librans, we are with you on this, see our range of outfits in pink, curated specially for you!

Scorpio: Black

Just like the intense black shade, Scorpions are like a mystery to people around them. Intensely focused, observational, and inquisitive, Black brings out their transforming capabilities. Revel in our all-black outfits handcrafted for the zodiac sign.

Sagittarius: Purple

Color of abundance, Purple, pushes the spiritual and aware Sagittarians. Purple gives voice to their creative side and mindset. Add shades of lavender to your wardrobe with outfits in this color.

Capricorn: Grey

Capricorns are earthy and reliable, hence a right combination of white and black will bring out the organizer and worker in them. There is no better choice of color, for them with their huge hearts. Grey is the choice for this stable zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Blue

Full of brilliant ideas, Aquarians are always thinking out of the box. The color blue goes well with their personality. Blue keeps them calm and centered. As this zodiac sign brings knowledge to the world, wearing blue creates a smooth flow of ideas and thoughts. Bunaai has blue outfit choices for Aquarians’ every mood.

Pisces: Peach

Highly imaginative, rejuvenating, and true healers - Pisceans, the color that goes well with their inspiring and encouraging energy is Peach. They tend to thrive well when surrounded by this color and by wearing it too. Our outfits choices in peach are pretty and creative just like the vibe of this zodiac sign.

No more reason to fret over what color to wear. Now decide your outfit colors based on your zodiac signs. We have got you covered #WomenOfBunaai

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