We offer individual design solutions to each individual customer. So, it’s imperative that we know everything about you & your specific requirements. 

We are in full control of the entire design process, from sourcing of goods and trims to design to production and quality control. Hence, we can add to your collection with our expertise of having run three successful e-commerce ventures worldwide. 

We are based in Jaipur, which is undoubtedly the craft & heritage capital of the country which has been transformed into an export marketplace on a global scale and is also the melting pot of all that design intervention has to offer. We are therefore well versed with the current trends and different artistic sensibilities.


First things first, each collaboration is unique in its own right but we would like to have a single commonality between all of them and that is Transparency. We would like to know everything there is about you and your brand because we firmly believe that design is a way of life and not a profession and people work better when they are in their skin and are in tandem with their surroundings.

Throughout the process, we keep the communication lines open. You will always be kept in the loop about even the most miniscule details and always by a voice you recognize and a face. This for us is a pre-requisite for any successful and fruitful collaboration that intends to deliver the best results with an adherence to deadlines & commitments.

For our sourcing, we indulge no middlemen which in turn helps in cutting down costs and impacting real lives on the ground.


  • We rely on two - way communication  ( already elaborated in the above points )
  • If you don’t learn to bend, you’ll end up with a broken back. We can handle orders for quantities as few as 300 and more. 
  • High quality at high speed. We vouch for the quality provided from carefully selected factories with a delivery time of 4-8 weeks. 
  • We prefer long term relationships.